December 2012 to February 1st 2013

There are now approximately 240 members in our Murray Clan DNA Research Project as at 1 February 2013, with 15 new members joining over the past month and ordering new DNA Kits. A variety of present members have ordered upgrades including the very impressive Family Finder autosomal test, which is very good news for everyone.

Links have been found via a  Family Finder member who has ancestral Murrays in their Tree, to Group 5 Ancestors back to late 1600 circa when a James Murray emigrated from Scotland possibly via Ulster to the Colonies.

I am still awaiting the finalisation of your names for distant ancestor details and family trees in email or Gedcom prior to launching the new Forum website. To date there are approximately 37 Members of 240 who have NOT provided details of your most DISTANT ANCESTOR. This s a prerequisite for membership to ALL FTDNA Surname Projects and I have been requesting the outstanding details over the past 3 years. Would any member who has NOT updated these details, otherwise sent to me previously please do so now ASAP! We cannot move forward in helping you to research your family , or discover how it is that you are genetically linked to your kinsmen members, without access to these VITAL basic details.

Also, we desperately need ALL members to supply your Family Tree as far back you understand it, even if only as far as your own Father of Grandfather on yDNA lines. Please email this to me asap if you are unsure as to how to make a GEDCOM and I will process this for you.

Good News for all members is that our surname research project is growing very quickly, so much so that the majority of new members from around the world are matching current members and are able to be placed into their respective Groups with their Kinsmen. For those who do not have any Murray matches to date, your Kit is constantly being monitored for matches and when new members join we often find matches to members who did not have a match previously. 

Other News to date in February regarding a Scottish born Murray line in Group 1 is that a Philiphaugh Murray Group 1 member has joined the Sutherland Clan Project in order to determine if the DNA was similar to their Sutherland descendants who are said to be descended from Freskyn de Moravia 1150 circa as are some of our Murrays. A component of our Research Project is to attempt to discover the Freskyn Line. Please see further details on our Results NEWS Tab above.

Currently we have a number of new members who are descended from a well known emigrant Murray Family who finally settled in New York prior to the American Revolution at Murrays Hill, and we hope to have their results back in March. This is very good news for these Colonial Murray immigrants from Scotland who have been seeking their family history over the past 250 years!

October 2012 to December 2012

There are now approx 225 members in our Murray Clan DNA Research Project. There are also 132 Morrow members in the Morrow DNA surname project totaling approx 350 families named Murray and Morrow within the Family Tree DNA database. This represents many tens of thousands of individual Murray families over time, vastly increasing your chances of finding Murray yDNA matches within our Murray Clan DNA Research Project & the database. Note: Not all Murrays are related to men named Morrow, however a certain percentage are related and should join both projects accordingly!

New website will be launched as soon as a majority of members supply their family trees. One final email will be forwarded to members requesting family trees via email or if possible in Gedcom format. All distant ancestors should now be supplied asap in order to launch our website with definite family links to our Murray yDNA kit holders so that your family tree research can proceed successfully. We also need a discussion board and this will be also launched within the website and attached to your family tree page if you decide to participate.

January 2012 to October 2012

Still awaiting further gedcoms from members to be uploaded to your personal webpages on FTDNA
Also awaiting family trees from members who would like me to do this for you.
Also awaiting members to update their most distant ancestor details.

Research progressing on Scottish Murray lineages. To date there are quite a number of distinct lineages not related to each other. See results spreadsheet here.

Research also progressing on links between MacGregors & Murrays. The MacGregor surname was banned (proscribed) early 1600 circa by the King and thousands of MacGregors changed their names against their will, many took the name Murray, hence are not genetically Murray, but rather MacGregor. Some of these members are in our project.

Research also progressing on Irish Murrays related to Lord Ui Neil of the Nine Hostages fame. A large number of our project members are within this group. Could all members please provide your family tree so that we can further refine your respective family groupings on the spreadsheet.

Research also progressing on various American lines- Tullibardine Athol lineage possibly located via Scottish Murray family emigrated to Nova Scotia Canada.  Also related to them are a large number of families named MORROW who were early colonists to the Carolina colony 1770 circa related to David Murray -Advocate (Barrister) Edinburgh & Agnes White (Whyte.) Further detailed information will be provided at a later date.

American Members are still involved in actively researching the lineages of two families; Murray emigrants to Maryland and Pennsylvania one of these is of the James Murray - Jemima Morgan family.
Neither of these families are related to each other and members related to each of them are in completely different haplogroups.

January 2011 to December 2011

More Murray Clan members are matching with other men named Morrow on all y DNA test results. Members have been asked to also join the Morrow surname project accordingly.

The Family Finder test has become more popular this year and members have taken advantage of reduced prices for auto-somal Family Finder kits especially when these are available at a special price of $199. Male members should note that if they have not already tested for y12 ; y25; y37 or y67 yDNA tests they should also do this in conjunction with the family finder  (finds all relatives within 5 to possibly 7 generations) as the yDNA results are specifically for your Murray surname on the paternal line - right back in time - and will also find matches to relatives on that line prior to the adoption of surnames... (thousands of years)

Have asked all members to provide Gedcoms or family trees in email and I shall upload as gedcoms to your personal pages on FTDNA'
Have asked all male members to provide most distant ancestor details for the yresults pages.

June 2010 to January 2011

Kits and tests returned will be updated here shortly.
Results pages updated with new Kit results.
Kits requested and returned during December 2010 have now been returned to the Lab.
Results will be notified to participants via email as they are returned.

As at 17 May 2010.

Updated Kits dates due for return,with results.

172159 Y-DNA12+mtDNA(mtHaplo) 350 04/28/2010 due 28 April

 172819 Y-DNA67(Y-DNA38-47 Markers) Morrow 351 05/14/2010 due 14 May

178240 Y-DNA37(Y-DNA13-25 Markers, Y-DNA26-37 Markers, Y-DNA1-12 Markers) ...... Murray 358 06/25/2010 due 25 June

34476 mtHVR2toMega(FGS) Murray 345 05/14/2010 due 14 May

83459 Chip01, Family Finder McMurray 354 05/17/2010 due 17 May

N84397 mtFullSequence(FGS, HVR2) Murray 353 05/28/2010 due 28 May 15 May 2010 Matches Notified- 2 participants [Family Finder] Various Matches have been identified 2004- 2010

To be updated here in this Results Page shortly.

These matches include EXACT Matches 67/67 yDNA alleles.

16th May 2010- Sunday

Irving James Murray is now Project Co- Administrator

Kits due for return with results-dates posted on project results page.

15th May 2010- Saturday

1. Alexandrina Murray is now Project Administrator.

2. Potential Co-Administrators to be contacted.

2. Project Webpages are now updated

3. mtDNA matches for 2 MURRAY Project participants have been received.

4. Y-DNA & mtDNA results updated and grouped by haplotype.


Note: 14 May 2010 - Friday

Mrs Pat Murray retired as project asministrator due to ongoing illness.

Various Matches have been identified 2004- 2010
To be updated here in this News Page shortly.

These matches include EXACT Matches 67/67 yDNA alleles.

This page is currently in update shortly mode!
Please return shortly.


18 Dec 2004 - as of this date, one MURRAY has joined the project and a MURRAY relative has purchased a kit and is on the prowl for a likely test subject... as per Pat Murray

6 Oct 2004 - the MURRAY Surname Project was announced.
4 march 2005 - As of this date, we have 11 People signed up for the project and have received the results for 2. It's very interesting to note that these two do not appear to be related, with a .01% chance of a common ancestor appearing 1,125 years ago.

Our theory is that there are four or five distinct lines of Murray's in the United States Lines: As per Pat Murray.