Muldowney Surname Y-DNA Genetic Genealogy Project- Background




The Muldowney DNA surname project is just getting off the ground. Over the course of many years, however, descendants of various families around the world have been researching our name, and have been in communication with each other. We are eager to establish relationships and to pinpoint the Muldowney homelands in Ireland. With this new tool, Y-DNA testing, some of us may finally be able to draw some conclusions and meet new cousins. While our name is generally spelled Muldowney, numerous variants have been established, and all are welcome to be part of this project.

Some variant names include: Muldowny, Muldooney, Muldouney, Mulldowney, Muldownie, Muldowne, Mouldowny, Muldoone, Muldowen, Muldoney, Muldon, Muldune, Maldowney, Meldowney, Muldow, sometimes Muldoon, McDowney, Mullowney and Downy.