The Haplogroup H&HV mtGenome Project: H1- Background



This is the H1 mtDNA Full Genomic Sequence (mtGenome) Project. Unlike other branches of the mega-haplogroup H, the defining mutation for H1 (3010A) has likely happened many times in the history of H. This recurrent nature of H1 adds an extra layer of complexity to understanding our direct maternal origins within H1 and its sub-branches.

To join you must:

  • Have Results from the mtDNA Full Genomic Sequence test at Family Tree DNA.
  • Have your HVR1, HVR2, and Coding Region results turned on.

Account Settings

The coding region results can be used to identify your lowest level subclade and any close matches in the H & HV Projects, to estimate the age and origins of each subclade, and to identify new subclades in the H &HV Phylogeny tree

If you make your coding region data visible to administrators your privacy is protected at all times. The coding region results are not shown on the project webpage and will not be made public, and by default they are also hidden from the project administrators.


To share your coding region results with the project administrators, you can:

log into your FTDNA account, click on the tab "My Account" and select "Results Display Settings".

Check the circle next to “Yes” for " Show My mtDNA Coding Region Mutations to Administrators of these Projects.

You can just select the one to theH&HV project or to all the other projects you maybe in.

Then, on the right hand side of the “Results Display Settings” choose “ Project Administrators Settings” –select “limited” .

 Add the information for your maternal ancestor --this is always a woman, if known.

Add the geographic coordinates for your maternal ancestor

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Project Stats

Statistic Type Count
Big Y 46
Combined GEDCOMs Uploaded 277
DISTINCT mtDNA Haplogroups 188
DISTINCT Y-DNA Confirmed Haplogroups 80
DISTINCT Y-DNA Predicted Haplogroups 15
Family Finder 670
Genographic 2.0 Transfers 107
Maternal Ancestor Information 1001
mtDNA 1084
mtDNA Full Sequence 1035
mtDNA Plus 1073
mtDNA Subgroups 262
Paternal Ancestor Information 859
Predicted Y-DNA Haplogroups 362
Total Members 1109
Unpredicted Y-DNA Haplogroups 8
Unreturned Kits 10
WTY 25
Y-DNA Deep Clade (After 2008) 201
Y-DNA Deep Clade (Prior to 2008) 116
Y-DNA Subgroups 17
Y-DNA111 190
Y-DNA12 492
Y-DNA25 482
Y-DNA37 479
Y-DNA67 431