McCarty's of Edgefield, South Carolina Y- DNA Project - News

There are now indications of four distinct families in the Edgefield area in 1790. There are also three distinct haplogroups emerging in our project. Group E1b1: Dennis McCarty, b. 1784, Daniel McCarty, b. 1786, Thomas McCarty b. 1800 South Carolina, are 37 marker matches therefore have a 98.26 % probability that they are indeed brothers. Who was their father is yet to be established. Based on 1790 and 1810 census records of Edgefield and Newberry, SC and land records of Dennis McCarty, it suggests most strongly that their father was a Daniel McCarty received land in Newberry for his service in the Revolutionary War. Group R1b1: Michael J. McCarty, b.c.1784 and thought to have died about 1825 leaving a widow Margaret Byrd and several orphan children. The widow and family moved to Georgia and received land in the Georgia Lottery. Michael J. McCarty is a 37-marker match with Daniel Sterling McCarty. This match indicates that there is a 98.26% probability that they shared a common ancestor within 180 years. They appear to be uncle and nephew. John McCarty, b. c. 1813 is also a perfect match of 37-markers. John McCarty married Caroline Raiford of Edgefield, moved to Covington Co., Alabama by 1850 then Macon Georgia by 1855. James H. McCarty, b. 1784, Edgefield is also a 37-marker match. With this pattern of perfect matches, two generations of these families have begun to take shape. An important recent addition to this group is that of a descendant of Edward McCarty b.1773, who is also 37 marker match with all of these men. These results support the popular belief that all of these men were children or brothers of Michael McCarty b. 1754 Edgefield, South Carolina, since paper research indicates that the father of Edward McCarty was, indeed, Michael McCarty. A recent addition to our group is another descendant of Edward McCarty. We expect that his markers will show a slight mutation on one to help separate the descendants of Edward McCarty. We are anxious to locate a descendant of Phillip McCarty in order to prove that both Edward McCarty and Phillip were the sons of the same Michael McCarty. Albert McCarty, b. 1807 Edgefield, married Martha Gentry, the daughter of Levi and Ruth Gentry. Albert is not a match with the others but his family is very closely tied to that of Dennis McCarty for several generations. This is a real mystery. Group I1c: Thompson McCarty, b. 1821 Jefferson Co., Alabama who is thought to the son of William McCarty, b. 1787 Edgefield, SC. Group I: Believed to connect to Cornelius McCarty b. 1797 North/South Carolina. Weekly emails to prospective participants and genealogy societies continue. Email and snail-mail invitations to other known Edgefield, McCarty descendants to join this project are currently underway. Please contact any McCarty's that may add missing links in this project. If you have any ideas of additional avenues we may explore for connections or participants, don't hesitate in sharing the information. We are all in this together. We are still looking for members of the families of: (1) Edward McCarty (b. 1773) m. Sarah Laramore, (2) Phillip McCarty ( b. 1791) m. 1st. Mahala Boddie m. 2nd Mary Mitchell, (3) James McCarty (b. 1786) m. Rebecca Goodwin, (4) Emsley McCarty (b. 1841) m. Elizabeth Goff. (5) Thomas McCarty/McCarter/McCartha (b. 1800) m. Rhoda Davis? We hope someone from these families will accept the invitation and join our research project. Counter