Lay DNA Project Website - Goals

1. To have participation from a representative of each regional and international Lay line through YDNA testing, mtDNA testing, and FamilyFinder2.  
2. Identify our British Isles and Continental European heritage.
3. Help Lay researchers who have not been able to identify their place in the earliest Lay lines.
4. Establish fact or fiction the many published Lay connections that have not been proven by traditional primary documentation.
5. Open up additional avenues of traditional paper research for Lay genealogists and historians.

YDNA Representatives are needed from the following regional and international Lay lines:International
Wiltshire, England; Essex, England;
Westmoreland, England,
Aberdeen, Scotland;
Dublin, Ireland;
Germany, Switzerland, France, Australia, New Zealand. Connecticutt and New York
George Lay - 1700's Maryland Ohio
Lay's from Germany - 19th Century
Abraham Lay (1700's VA)
John, Enos, and Joseph Lay - North Carolina/South Carolina coast
1700's Tennessee - Campbell Co., Union Co., Jefferson Co., Roane Co.
James Lay, d. 1821 Chester Co., SC and sons Cain, James, John, and Richard Lay. This family is possibly from Virgina to Guilford Co., NC. James may be the son of John Lay d. 1755, Halifax Co., VA and related to David Lay, Sr. Pittsylvania Co.,
Virginia Lay's 1700's
Caswell Co., North Carolina Lay's 1700's
Orange Co., North Carolina Lay/Leigh
1700's Wilkes Co., North Carolina Lay's
Charles Lay - Pendleton District, South Carolina
(1790 +) Pennsylvania Lay's
1700's Quaker Lay's 1700's
Louisiana Lay's early 1800's