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                                                       Theory Behind Interpretation of yDNA Profiles in Genealogy

Let me explain briefly the theory behind the use of the yDNA profiles in genealogy.  During the conception of males, the father’s y chromosome is passed on pretty much intact.  This process is repeated by his sons who pass this same y chromosome profile to their sons.  The y chromosome is not passed on to daughters.  Therefore if two males have the same yDNA profile, they must have a common male ancestor.  Recall that I stated that the y chromosome is passed on pretty much intact.  Fortunately yDNA chromosomes are pretty stable.  Periodically a mutation will occur in one of the markers in the yDNA profile (about once in 500 births per marker on average.)  Therefore after several to many generations slight differences tend to show up in yDNA profiles.  Once a mutation occurs, it will be passed on to future generations of that person's descendants.   The changes are cumulative so that after many generations, the differences between descendants of different lines become greater.  Therefore if two males have exactly the same yDNA profile, they have a common male ancestor within a small number of generations.  A difference on one marker would mean that their common ancestor probably is more removed.  With more differences between them, the common ancestor probably is removed farther.  Within a cohort such as the Acadian Landrys, two or more individuals with similar mutations form subgroups that delineate different lines within the overall Acadian Landry group.  With more members in the cohort group and more markers (say 37 versus 25 or 67 versus 37), subgroups within subgroups may be identified.

As a group, the first 12 markers tend to mutate slower and are used to identify historical migration patterns (haplogroups).  However, the DYS numbers colored maroon (at the top of the results table) tend to mutate faster including two markers in the first twelve (DYS385 and DYS439.) 

The theory explains why it is necessary to establish an individual’s ancestry correctly.  You must be in the direct path: father to son to his son and so on.  This pathway is established with common genealogy procedures.  Errors still can enter the picture, e.g. an unrecorded adoption, an unrecorded affair by a wife of a Landry male, or an unrecorded rape of a wife of a Landry male.  Having more than one standard for each line would guard against such errors.

The Landry Surname DNA Project has identified three major independent lines of Landrys living in North America.  Two lines migrated from France in the 1600s: 1: Guilluame Landry and 2: Rene l’aine and Rene le jeune Landry (cousins).  These lines account for most of the North American Landrys.  The third line came from Switzerland in the 1830s: Jean Jacques Landry.  There may be other Landry lines but there numbers probably are small and no one associated with them is included in the database.

A word of caution when interpreting the number of generations to the most recent common ancestor (NGMRCA).  Actually most experts in the yDNA field calculate time to the most recent common ancestor (tMRCA) and assume a standard time between generations.  FTDNA may be using a conservative rate of mutations which would result in an overestimate in tMRCA.  In addition, some lines mutate faster than other lines.  Personally I think that it makes more sense to use NGMRCA which is linked directly to the potential mutational events (births) and avoids assuming a standard time between generations.

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Below are some known Landry pedigrees and some that are known partially, including earliest known Landry ancestors, as a result of DNA analyses.


                                  Known Landry DNA Pedigrees


1. Rene le jeune Landry b 1634 in France m 1659 in France Marie Bernard b 1645 in France

2. Antoine Landry b 1660 in Port Royal, Acadia m 1681 in Port Royal Marie Thibodeau b 1661

3. Antoine Landry b 1683 in Grand Pre, Acadia m <1716 Marie Blanche Leblanc b 1691

4. Alexis Landry b 1717 m 1737 in Grand Pre, Acadia Marguerite Aucoin b 1718

5. Amand Landry b 1744 m 1776 Ste. Anne des Pays d’en Bas Ann Nanette Melancon b >1752

6. Jean Baptiste Landry b 1783 m 1805 Cecile Vienneau

7. Thaddee Landry b 1808 m 1835 in Richibouctou Village, NB Dorothee Despres

8. Honore Thomas Landry b 1843 m <1878 Marie Rose Savoie

9. Albert Joseph Landry b 1910 m Mary Allegra McIntyre

10. Paul Landry b 1949



1. Rene le jeune Landry b 1634 in France m 1659 in France Marie Bernard b 1645 in France

2. Antoine Landry b 1660 in Port Royal, Acadia m 1681 in Port Royal Marie Thibodeau b 1661

3. Jean Landry b 1696 in Riviere aux Habitats m 1720 in Grand Pre, Acadia Madeleine Melancon b 1697 in Chelmford, Mass.

4. Antoine Landry b 1720 in Grand Pre, Acadia m 1740 in Beaubassin, Acadia Marie Anne Comier b 1720

5. Jacques Landry b 1746 in Beaubassin, Acadia m 1770 St. Francois du Lac Marie Anne Bibeau

6. Francois Xavier Landry b 1786 in St. Francois du Lac m 1812 in Baie de Febvre Marie Anne Janelle

7. Joseph Landry b 1816 in St.Francois du Lac m 1838 in St.Francois du Lac Esther Manseau

8. Francois Xavier Landry b 1851 in Brown Co., WI m Marie Katherine Bibeau

9. Hubert Joseph Londre b 1891 in Wallace, MI m in 1907Hosanna Rose Venne b 1891 in Coleman, WI

10. Lloyd Londre m Jane K. Smith

11. Gary Londre

1. Rene le jeune Landry b 1634 m. in 1759 in France Marie Bernard b 1645 in France

2. Abraham Landry b 1678 in Port Royal, Acadia m 1701 in Port Royal Marie Guilbeau b 1683

3. Rene Landry b 1716 in Pisiquit, Acadia m 1737 in Grand Pre, Acadia Marie Marguerite Theriault b 1718 in Grand Pre

4. Olivier Landry b 1753 in Acadia m 1775 in Ascension Parish, LA Marie Madeleine Hebert b 1753 in Acadia

5. Pierre Olivier Landry b 1779 in St. Gabriel Parish, LA m 1805 in St. Martinville, LA Julienne Catherine Breau b 1785 in St. Martinville

6. Gerard Landry b 1824 in Lafayette, LA m 1844 in Lafayette Melanie Broussard b 1824

7. Gerard Hazard Landry b 1859 in Lafayette, LA m 1884 in Lafayette Editha Meaux b 1867 in Lafayette

8. Hazard Pierre Hazard Landry b 1888  in Lafayette, LA m 1914 in Port Arthur, TX Eunice Marie hebert b 1899

9. Wilton Joseph Landry b 1916 in Port Neches, TX m 1941 in Kountz, TX Ada Frances Vickers b 1915 in Winnsboro, TX

10. Donald Gene Landry


1. Rene le jeune Landry b 1634 in France m 1659 in France Marie Bernard b 1645 inFrance

2. Abraham Landry b 1678 in Port Royal, Acadie m 1701 inPort Royal Marie Guilbault b 1683

3. Abraham dit petit Landry b 1712 in Pisiquit, Acadie m 1752Marguerite Flan b 1718 in Grand Pre, Acadie

4. Pierre Abraham Landry b 1752 in Pisiquit, Acadie m 1773in St. Gabriel, LA Marguerite Alain b 1751

5. Pierre Gregoire Landry b 1782 in Ascension Parish, LA m1811 in Assumption Parish Marie Josephine Rousseau b 1797

6. Landry Godegrand Landry b 1822 in Assumption Parish, LA m1869 in Paincourtville, LA Alexandrine Auselette

7. Philippe Clairborne Landry b 1871 in Paincourtville, LA m1893 in Paincourtville Elodie Hebert b 1871

8. Oscar Philip Landry b 1914 in Assumption Parish, LA m 1936 Rose Mary Boudreaux b 1919 in Scott, LA

9. Richard Mark Landry

1.  Rene le jeune Landry b 1634 in France m 1659 in France Marie Bernard b 1645 in France

2.  Germain Landry b. 1674 in Port Royal, Acadie m 1694 in Port Royal, Acadia Marie Melancon

3.  Alexandre Landry b 1695 in Pisiquit, Acadia d before 1763 m 1723 in Port Royal, Acadia Marie Marguerite Blanchard

4.  Firmin Landry b 1728 in Pisiquit, Acadia m 1752 in Pisiquit, Acadia Francoise Elisabeth Thibodeau

5.  Joseph Landry b 1753 in Acadia d Jun 03, 1797 in Ascension Parish, LA m 1777-1781 in Atakapas, LA Marie Anne Melancon

6.  Cyrille Landry b Feb 07, 1787 in St. Martinville,LA d  Aug 21, 1839 in Lafayette, LA m May 8 1815 in St. Martinville, LA Scholastique                  Boudreau         

7.  Edmond Philemon Landry b Apr 13, 1818 in St. Martinville, LA d before 1906 in Church Point, LA m Jun 24, 1839 in Lafayette, LA Sydalise         Vincent

8.  Cyrille Landry b Apr 28, 1845 in New Iberia, LA d Feb 18, 1882 in Abbeville, LA m Mar 19, 1874 in Rayne, LA Elizabeth Sarver

9.  Olivier Landry b Sep 16, 1869 in Abbeville, LA m Dec 31, 1887 in Abbeville, LA Amanda Mouton

10.Valery Landry b  Dec 25, 1889 in Abbeville, LA d Aug 21,1959 in Crowley, LA m Blanche Boudreau

11. Felix Lou Landry b Nov 25, 1915 in LA d Jan 09, 2003 in Orange, Texas m Ida Belle Spell

12. Leon Dwight Landry b.Aug 24, 1946 in Orange, TX m Mar 22, 1965 in Texas Sharon Ann Forgey

1. Rene l'aine Landry  b. 1618 m. 1645, Perrine Bourg  b. 1626

2. Claude Landry b. 1663 m. 1683  Port-Royal-Acadie, Marguerite Theriot b.1667

3. Jean Baptiste Landry b. 1693 m. 11 jan 1717 Port-Royal-Acadie, Anne Petitot dit Saint-Seine b. 1696

4. Joseph Fraule Landry b. 1718 m. 21 jan 1743 Port-Royal-Acadie, Anne Raymond b. 11 feb 1724

5. Joseph Landry dit Frot b. 1745 m. 6 feb 1775 Maskinonge-Quebec, Antoinette Lampron dit Lacharité b. 31 may 1754

6. Alexis Phelix Landry b. 1778 m. 26 jan 1807 Maskinonge-Quebec, ElizabethBruno

7. Michel Landry b. 10 mar 1817 m. 15 sep 1845 Buckingham-Quebec, Marguerite Beauchamp b. 1824

8. Louis Landry b. 9 jul 1854 m. 7 jul 1879 Buckingham-Quebec, Laure Leonore Daoust b. 15 may 1859

9. Louis Landry b. 4 sep 1880 m. 28 nov 1905 Masson-Quebec, Marie-Rose Lahaie b. 1884

10. Jean-Louis Landry b. 2 mar 1917 m. 23 feb 1938 Hull-Quebec, Jeannette Ida Villeneuve b. 22 jul 1915

11. Marcel Walter Landry m. 24 jun 1967 Montreal-Quebec, Lise Plante


1. Rene l'aine Landry  b. 1618 m. 1645, Perrine Bourg  b. 1626

2. Rene Landry b 1668 in Acadie m 1691 in Port Royal, Acadie Anne Theriot b 1673

3. Antoine Landry b 1696 in Riviere aux Canards, Acadie m 1717 in Grand Pre, Acadie Marie Melancon b 1697

4. Rene Landry b 1730 in Grand Pre, Acadia m 1761 in England Marguerite Babin b 1739 in Grand Pre

5. Joseph Landry b 1779 in France m 1801 in St. Martinsville, LA Modeste Arthemise Le Normand

6. Alexandre Victorin Landry b 1811 in St. Martinsville, LA m 1835 in LA Adele Le Norman b 1821

7. Charles Ernst Landry b 1836 m Celine Genevieve Champagne b 1838

8. Henry Dupre Landry b 1868 m Sarah Frances Shea b 1867

9. Charles Sylvester Landry b 1905 m Alma Anna Wulff b 1914

10. Henry D. Landry

1. Mathurin Landry b c1595 in France,m 1620 to Damian Desavis in France,d in France

2. Guillaume Landry b 1623 in France, m 1659 to Gabrielle Barre in Que, Canada, d 1689 in Que

3. Claude Landry b 1662 in Que, m 1688 to Angelique Verieul in Que, d 1748 in Que

4. Augustin Landry b 1708 in Que, m #2 1748 to M Felicite Deblois dit Gregoire in Que, d 1758 in Que

5. Jean Barthemi Landry b 1748 in Que, m 1768 to M Madeleine Langlois in Que, d1838 in Que

6. Pierre Landry b 1771 in Que, m 1796 to M Louise Poirier in Que, d 1817 inQue

7. Jean Louis Landry b 1807 in Que, m 1832 to Genevieve Bourque in Que, d 1870in Que

8. Theophile Landry b c1841 in Que, m 1863 to Celina Toupin in Que, d 1889 inQue

9. Felix Landry b 1864 in Que, m 1888 to Emelie Beaudette in Que, d 1963 inOnt, Canada

10. Phileas Xavier Landry b 1893 in Que, m to Rosanna Landry in Ont, d 1984 in Ont

11. Andre Michael Landry b 1936 in Ont, m 1976 to Sharon Gail Penner in BC, Canada


                             Partially Known Landry DNA Pedigrees


The following pedigrees have missing ancestors but the earliest ancestors are predicated on comparable DNA profiles with individuals with known pedigrees.



1. Rene le jeune Landry b 1634 in France m 1659 in France Marie Bernard b 1645 in France





Joseph Nathaniel Landry dit Londeree b c1816 in Que, Canada m c1840 to Jane Harrison dit Stark in VA, USA, d 1862 in Harpers Ferry, WVA,USA

William Poindexter Londeree b 1840 in VA, m 1881 to Bettie Sheldon Ward in VA,d 1920 in VA

Ben R. Londeree b 1910 in VA, m 1932 to Dorothy Minerva Morrison, d 1975 in FLA, USA

Ben R. Londeree b 1934 in WVA, m 1957 to Darlene Ann Karnes in Ohio, USA



Rene le jeune Landry b 1634 in France m 1659 in France Marie Bernard b 1645 in France





Joseph Nathaniel Landry dit Londeree b c1816 in Que, Canada,m c1840 to Jane Harrison dit Stark in VA, USA, d 1862 in Harpers Ferry, WVA,USA

Joseph Chapman Londeree b 1861 in VA, m 1883 to Molly White Cobb in VA, d 1925in VA

Walter Alett Londeree b 1892 in VA, m 1912 to Sarah Christine White in VA, d1946 in VA

Joseph Carlton Londeree b 1925 in VA, m 1945 to Patricia Ann Rickets in VA

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