Keach Family DNA - Results

"Keach One" has chosen 37 Markers. What does this mean? How many Markers should you test for ? This information is from item #17 of "Frequently asked questions" 17. How far back can you determine a genetic link? All genetic tests from Family Tree DNA will provide you a probability that you and another person, who have an exact match, will have your Most Recent Common Ancestor (MRCA) within a range of time backwards. Our 12 marker test gives you the following range: 7 generations (50%) likelihood & 29 generations (95%) likelihood. Using our 25 marker test the 50% likelihood drops to 3 generations and the 95% to 13 generations. The 37-marker test tightens further to 2 generations (50%) and the 95% to 7 generations. --------------------------------------------------------------- Over the past few years I have recieved a few e-mails from semi-interested people, but so far none of these "Looky-Loo's" have opted to take a DNA test. As of June 23, 2008 there is still only one member in the KEACH Family DNA Project. This is very discouraging for me. I have wondered what would be involved in acquiring a DNA sample from a skeleton, but then I would not want to be disrespectful of someone's grave.