Keach Family DNA - Goals

When I set up the Keach DNA Surname Project I started not one but two projects. Perhaps having two projects in one was a bold undertaking, but I saw the two projects as a part one and a part two OF THE SAME GOAL. The purpose of having this DNA surname Project is to move past brick walls in genealogy endeavors. DNA is a very important tool because it contains specific information about a person. This specific information can be read by scientists because scientists have long studied the human body and have discovered that our cells contain protein. Some proteins form structures like hair. Protein has a set of amino acids (there are 20 different types of amino acids). As one goes further into the exploration process one realizes that each one of us contains an ultra condensed code and the different parts of this code form what is very much like an Autobiography.

I understand that the term, DNA, itself conjures preconceived notions in one's mind. You want my WHAT ? What for ? (and to some the first question is, how much will this cost me ?

There are many professional people at Family Tree DNA with their credentials for anyone to view on their website. These professionals can help ease the mind by explaining the Process much clearer than I can. I am not a scientist and I do not pretend to be one. I am the grand-daughter of a man, Rev. Stanley Jordan Keach. I want to discover who my grandfather's ancestors were. I want to find out where they came from. I want to reconnect with any living relatives that either stayed behind or by some other means became separated from the rest of our Clan.

To do this I need YOUR HELP ! I need more Keach males to be DNA tested, so that we can start putting together individual Keach lines. We can, also, then discover if there are any connections with others who have spelled their name differently - like Keech, Keachie, Keetch and many others.

If money is a problem please let me, the Administrator for the Keach Family DNA Project, know and I will see what I can do to help fray the cost.

I realize that many with the Keach surname are private people, but I ask for male DNA participants in the name and importance of genealogy. Please do not let the Keach name go quietly into that good night!