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Johns, Johnson, Jones


This project is for the aid in connecting different Jones members together in tieing up loose ends that cannot otherwise be found. The Jones surname is widespread and will have a great many different branches, even many who are unrelated to each other. I started this surname group because there was not one already up and running. I thought it was lacking considering how many people have the name of Jones assigned to them. Any and all help is greatly appreciated. Ron JonesCreative Commons License

  I am adding the surnames Johns and Johnson to the group. 
This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 License.

General Fund

Current balance: $350.00

Type Amount Date Donor Note KitNum Donation Type
Credit $50.00 6/18/2012 Van M. Jones     Unknown
Credit $25.00 5/5/2012 Dorothy Oksner To help subsidize a UK Jones DNA test from Chester, Cheshire, UK.   Individual
Credit $50.00 3/10/2012 George Dewey Jones 1898-1953     Memory Of
Credit $100.00 2/20/2010 Angela Jones Harlan     Individual
Credit $100.00 10/18/2009 Leslie W. Jones     Individual
Debit $0.00 7/22/2009 D3169 Multi Kit Order 159608 Unknown
Credit $25.00 12/22/2006 Rebecca Pacey     Unknown

Project Stats

Statistic Type Count
Big Y 1
Combined GEDCOMs Uploaded 79
DISTINCT mtDNA Haplogroups 57
DISTINCT Y-DNA Confirmed Haplogroups 27
DISTINCT Y-DNA Predicted Haplogroups 11
Family Finder 119
Genographic 2.0 Transfers 3
Maternal Ancestor Information 258
mtDNA 145
mtDNA Full Sequence 43
mtDNA Plus 98
mtDNA Subgroups 10
Paternal Ancestor Information 376
Predicted Y-DNA Haplogroups 103
Total Members 501
Unpredicted Y-DNA Haplogroups 3
Unreturned Kits 6
Y-DNA Deep Clade (After 2008) 43
Y-DNA Deep Clade (Prior to 2008) 24
Y-DNA Subgroups 8
Y-DNA111 35
Y-DNA12 465
Y-DNA25 405
Y-DNA37 385
Y-DNA67 190