Isles of the Hebrides DNA Project - News

11 Dec 2007:
I was asked to prepare an article about the Isles of the Hebrides DNA Project for the Islay Blog, and it has now been posted. Check it out at for the full description of the Project, how it has evolved, as well as how DNA testing can help to further your genealogy research. Linda Heron

24 Aug. 2007:
This Project started with just the Isle of Islay in mind, however, it was pointed out that many of our ancestors lived and moved about the Isles, so we have expanded the Project to include all the Isles of the Hebrides.

Members of this project and new members should ensure the island of your ancestors origin is listed with your DNA results. Please go to your Personal Web Page and click on “User Preferences” - complete the Paternal Side and Paternal Origin, listing your Most Distant Ancestor, along with which island they called home. This way we will be able to keep track of which island the ancestors listed in this project lived, and the location will also appear on our Isles of the Hebrides Chart and map. Thank you for your patience!! Linda Heron