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Grouping of Results in the y-DNA Results Spreadsheet

Generally, we group members' results by Terminal SNP (e.g. Z255). We try to keep up with the new discoveries regarding SNPs and from time to time we have to adjust these groupings. We have a huge number of people who have tested to R1b1a2  (R-M269) and we strongly advise those members to further their analysis by choosing individual SNPs (refer to the y-haplotree section below). Testing to at least 67 markers is often also required to ensure meaningful y-DNA matches are achieved and to identify which SNP results are worth testing on.

We also suggest that you join a suitable surname project and a y-haplogroup project which focuses on your particular y-haplotree. [updated  January 2013]

Below is a link to the ISOGG wiki webpge for R-M343 (R1b).  Also, it might help with deciding on SNP testing  by distinguishing between R-U106 and R-P312 subclades using ySTRs. [added January 2013]


yDNA and yHaplotrees [
added July 2011]

With all the SNPs being discovered on the y-haplotree, it will help you to refer to the y-haplotrees. See the links below:

The Family Tree DNA Draft y-Haplotree:

ISOGG yDNA y-Haplotree:

ISOGG updates its y-haplotree frequently and Family Tree DNA takes a more cautious view.

Here is a link to thr Family Tree DNA Draft L21+ y-haplotree:

Here is a useful link to Eupedia Haplogroup Information for European haplogroups.

In order to find DNA matches, a person should allow his yDNA results to be available publicly. To do this, upload your results to Ysearch.
  This will allow you to compare your results with people who used other testing companies. Your yDNA results may be uploaded automatically to Ysearch from your RESULTS webpage which is accessed from your personal webpage at Family Tree DNA.