Hughes DNA Project - Results

TO GET THE MOST OUT OF YOUR DNA PROJECT:-- You should update your PERSONAL PAGE by logging in on Family Trees DNA Home Page. Then type the appropriated information in the following blocks: - Kit Number - Password. - Click on Submit. Then on your Personal Page: -- Click on Setup Preferences. To Setup Preference page: -- click on box - "I want my matches to be set against the entire database". -- To Display Matches: Check all three boxes (12, 25, & 37 marker matches). To Displaying the Most Distance Known Ancestor: -- Fill in Paternal Side (father or grandfather's name, b. date, d. date, and place of each). -- Fill in Maternal Side blank (mother or grandmother's name, b. date, d. date and place of each). Go to your Personal Page and click on "GEDCOM - Family Tree". -- Upload your GEDCOM file using the upload instructions. NOTE: your GEDCOM will be able to be viewed only by you, your Group Administrator - if you are part of a Surname Project - and those that have matches with you. NOTE; Please add your Y-DNA results at, the FTDNA sponsored public database. When going to the Y-DNA Matches tab on your personal page, you will see an explanation and a link for upload your results. So, be sure to upload your results to Ysearch and search for Genetic cousins. Thanks,