Hughes DNA Project- Background



Hewes, Hues, Hughes, Hughs


The Hughes DNA Project is open to world wide males Hughes with the Hughes, Hughs, Hewes, Hues, or other various spelling of the Surname.
The main site for the Hughes Surname Project is at:

General Fund

Current balance: $7.10

Type Amount Date Donor Note KitNum Donation Type
Debit $161.95 1/22/2017     638660 Unknown
Credit $155.00 1/22/2017 Virginia Phillips-Smith     Individual
Debit $161.95 8/23/2016     544351 Unknown
Credit $25.00 8/22/2016 Virginia Phillips-Smith Ydna37 marker test for unknown Hughes per Dom Matson   Unknown
Credit $150.00 8/22/2016 Virginia Phillips-Smith To pay for unknown yDNA37 test kit for Hughes per Don Matson. Tom Hughes ordering kit.   Individual
Debit $120.00 11/25/2015     B83303 Unknown
Credit $100.00 11/3/2015 Sue Collins To be used for the Ydna test for the Samuel Hughes Family Research Group.   Individual
Credit $20.00 11/2/2015 LeAnn Connell     Honor
Debit $154.00 7/14/2014       Unknown
Credit $50.00 7/13/2014 Royce L. Hughes     Individual
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