O'Hourihane, Horrigan, Handrahan, Horan Y-DNA and A-DNA Projects- Background



Arragan, Handrahan, Hanrahan, Haran, Hargan, Harhan, Harraghan, Harrigan, Haughran, Herrigan, Horan, Horgan, Horohan, Horrigan, Houraghan, Hourahan, Houran, Hourican, Hourigan, Hourihan, Howard (Americanized form of the Irish), Howran, Howren, Orgain, Organ



The O'Hourihane, Hor(ri)gan, Han(d)rahan, and Horan DNA Projects


This project no longer accepts Family Finder (autosomal DNA) testers.  Existing FF project members who have complied with project requirements and wish to stay are grandfathered in.


Enrollment REQUIRES a minimum 37 Y DNA short tandem repeat markers. The more markers, the better.  Deep SNP testing from Big Y or Geno 2.0 alone does not qualify.  


You must be willing and able to share your genealogy data for enrollment in this project.  Sufficient testing plus submission of your lineage are REQUIRED for analysis of your data to be featured on the project website.  You lineage MUST show how the tester is related to the male surname-relevant ancestor.

You can email me your project relevant lineage or you can upload a GEDCOM into your FTDNA account.  See the individual project member pages on the main project website for sample lineages.

Not everybody has a subscription at Ancestry.com and can read your family tree there. To export a GEDCOM from your tree at Ancestry.com, click "Tree pages" next to the name of your tree, then click "Tree Settings" then under "Manage your tree" click "Export tree."

Other places to get free GEDCOM software: 

MyHeritage Family Tree Builder



The background page on the project website gives a more detailed description why all these project surnames are of interest.  

Follow the
Join Instructions here to join the projects.   Hope to see you on board !

You will see General Funds currently available, listed below.  The project offers Y 37 DNA scholarships to eligible people.  See the details on the DNA page on the project website.

General Fund

Current balance: $277.00

Type Amount Date Donor Note KitNum Donation Type
Debit $126.00 12/11/2013     321445 Unknown
Credit $265.00 12/11/2013       Unknown
Credit $134.00 11/20/2013       Unknown
Debit $255.00 8/23/2012     253758 Unknown
Credit $10.00 8/23/2012 Susan J. Barretta cover shipping for 253758   Unknown
Credit $199.00 8/23/2012 Colm O'Hanrahan     Individual
Credit $50.00 8/20/2012 Bruce A. Hamilton     Unknown