GOODWIN-GODWIN DNA Surname Project - Goals

Project Goals: 

To distinguish between GOODWIN and GODWIN ancestral lines,worldwide. Any reasonable spelling variant is included (please feel free tosuggest a variant you feel we have missed one).

To identify which family branches are related to each other: Thosethat have similar genetic signatures are grouped together and considered to berelated to each other genetically.

To identify the likely origin of each genetic family branch -We are actively seeking more participants, particularly from the New Englandarea and the UK and Ireland to help trace the Colonial VA and NC lines back totheir European roots.

To help to confirm paper trails and traditional genealogiesand to help focus research efforts; to help people with the GOODWIN or GODWIN surname(and variations) determine which genetic family they belong and to piggybackonto established genealogies if none known

To determine when and where an NPE occurred in which the Miles Barefoot (b. 1811 SC, d. 1860 AL) family took on the Group 8 Godwin Y-DNA signature. We are currently looking for a descendant of Miles' sons - Shadrack, Noah, or Alexander - to take the Y-DNA test for comparison

Also please note that, to participate meaningfully, you will need to share your male direct-line ancestry preferably in the form of a pedigree. Our existing pedigrees can be viewed here.

You can submit your pedigrees via email to your project administrators: 

Ginger Smith

Lori Godwin

Download your matches’ pedigrees:

Did you know you can download your matches’ online pedigrees to a gedcom and import it into your own genealogy software at home?

Anytime you see the little blue pedigree icon,you can click on it and it will open that person’s pedigree. Open a new tab in your browser, paste this link into the address bar (, and follow the directions to download the pedigree. 

You can then import the gedcom into your own personal genealogy software and look for any connections to your own ancestors’ tree.