GLOVER Y-Chromosome DNA Surname Project - News

30 Sep 2004 - the GLOVER Surname Project was announced.
May 2010- Scholarship program started
February 2013
Glover Surname DNA Project Update
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Current method of DNA Subgrouping using DYS markers protocol:

1) classification first by Haplogroup:
Current Haplogroups in this project are:

2) further discussion of the largest DNA group which has at least 14

different DNA lines:

Largest Haplogroup is R1b1a2 (Atlantic Modal Haplogroup)
By necessity, it has first been subdivided into 4 subgroups based on

the value of the 2nd DYS marker called 390:
Group 23
Group 24
Group 25
Group 26

3) Subgrouping of the subgroups of Haplogroup R1b1a2

Currently,the 4 Groups above are comprised of 14 subcatagories,

which until otherwise proved differently would seem to indicate that we

are looking at 14 patriarchal Glover men.

Our current practice has been to start a new subgroup whenever there

are more than 2 or 3 points of difference between the testees. 

Execeptions to this practice do happen, and that is when the

differences happen in fast mutating markers.

Group 23 has 4 subcatagories
Group 24 has 8 subcatagories
Group 25 has 1 subcatagory
Group 26 has 1 subcatagory

4) using paper trails to aid in determining subcatagories:
First of all, let's look at Group 25 and Group 26. Each group appears

by DNA and paper trails to contain one distinct ancestor.

--Group 25 contains 2 individuals who previously did not know each

other, but both lived in the Raleigh NC area. The paper trails seem to

suggest that there were at least 2 brothers in this area of NC who

each left male descendents.

--Group 26 contains 6 individuals who descend from the 5 Brothers of

Maryland. The oral tradition is that the 5 brothers moved from

Maryland across the Potomac River into Northern VA, and from there 

4 brothers moved first to Wilkes Co NC, then down into Georgia.

One brother remained in Georgia, while 3 brothers moved to

Madison Co AL.
The 5th brother is believed to be Richard Glover of Sullivan Co TN,

who never went to GA. All of these brothers apparently served in the

Revolutionary War.

Of interest in this group 26 is man with kit #111865 and a different

surname who has a rather convincing history & likelihood of being

fathered by someone in this group way back when they were still in

Northern Virginia and neighbors to the family he belongs to.

--Now lets look at Group 23, which is tentatively divided into 4


The first subgroup contains by a paper trail and matching DNA the

descendents of three brothers named Nehamiah, Samuel & Amos

Glover. They have a unique null value at Marker 425. The

descendents moved westward into West Virginia and Ohio, but at the

time of the Rev War they lived near Sussex Delaware

The 2nd subgroup consists of 2 men who trace back to  James Glover

b 1800 Scotland.  No other info is provided. They did not test for DYS

425, but have been excluded from the first subgroup by virtue of the

fact that none of the researchers have come across this James in their


The 3rd subgroup consists of 1 man who can trace back to

Southampton Co Virginia and has an extremely high likelihood of

being from a Glover family originally out of Salem Massachusetts.
The project would benefit from having another male from the Salem

MA line to verify that it is the same DNA.

The 4th subgroup consists of one male living in Alabama. No history

has been provided.

Now to look at the largest R1b1a2 group which is  classified as

Group 24.  It has 8 subcatagories, which were determined by DNA

differences AND paper trails.

For ease, they can be called 24A, 24B, 24C, 24D, 24E, 24F, 24G, &

24 H. 

First, marker DYS 391was used to divide the test results into 3

catagories: value 10, value 11, and value 12. Then further

comparison of the other DYS markers were used to further fine tune

the results.

24A value 10  Nebraska roots..1 member
24B value 10  Preston County Virginia..2 members
24C value 10 Canada/South Dakota...2 members

24D value 11...2 members Newnan Georgia area
24E value 11....3 members Shenendoah Valley VA area
24F value 11....1 member Giles Co TN to TX
24G value 11...1 member  Hale Co AL

24H value 12....4 members from diverse areas GA/MD/FL/ILL. None

of these members has any kind of paper trail to connect them to each

other.  The most puzzling group to date.
The largest percentage of Glover's to date have all seemed to have

roots from Maryland and Virginia before their dispersals.  Very few

Glover's from the North have joined this project. We currently have

2 member from Australia, with a 3rd Australian currently in the

testing phase. We also have one from Canada.
As with any population, there are going to be children born out of

wedlock or adopted into Glover Surname families. That's OK! They

get to be their own Patriarch's of a Glover Clan & we welcome them

with open arms and hearts. We have several instances of this

happening.  It's just as likely that there were  children fathered by a

Glover who were born into or adopted into other surname

families...we do have one or two examples of that also.  We have

also chased paper trails of men whose male line died out, meaning

that we may have lost a Patriarch line who could have been a link to

helping us solve a mystery.
 We hope that anyone who thinks that they or a male relative are the last male of a line will contact us.