German Language Area DNA Research Project - Results

All members are highly encouraged to:(a) upgrade to all 111 markers: (b) confirm their haplogroup via a deep-clade/SNP test. We do realize that there is a cost associated with these tests; however, they only need to be ordered once in your life on each sample. Thanks :) --------------------------- For each haplogroup section label, the furthest-downstream tested defining mutations are indicated. Please see the "International Society of Genetic Genealogy" for the current nomenclature and all known haplogroup-defining mutations. If the haplogroup label is written in green, the haplogroup was confirmed by an SNP test. Haplogroup labels written in red indicate that the haplogroup is only predicted. To be 100 % certain of their haplogroup, members are encouraged to order the SNP test. Members whose haplogroup field shows a "-" are highly encouraged to order an SNP test, which is available under the "Haplogroup" tab. -------------------------------------------------------------------- Legal notice: all data (Y-DNA haplogroup, Y-DNA haplotype, and mt-DNA haplogroup with HVR I/II mutations) of all members of this project can only be used in a publication by either academic or commercial authors if explicit written permission is given by the project/group administrators. Appropriate co-authorship is required if the data and results are discussed in detail. -------------------------------------------------------------------- We now have more than 3,000 YDNA members including several Germany residing ones for comparison. We have developed a Germany YDNA R1b modal value and we have several haplogroups posted in our various German regions.

(this map will be updated)