Foster FamilyTreeDNA Project - News

November 15, 2015
The results page for the Foster project is currently being updated.  Check your project number to see if you have been added or deleted from a group.  We will be posting groups according to matching DNA results which indicate that all members of a group are descended from a common ancestor.  There is a new NO MATCH group for individuals who currently have no matching member/s in the project.  There are a few people who match other Fosters in the FTDNA database who are not members of the Foster project.  If you match one of these non-members, you can use the email address given for that person to contact him and ask him to join the Foster project.  IF you have any questions at any time you can contact the project volunteer administrator:
Barbara W. Good

Please note that it will take some time before the updating of the page is complete.  I will post a note here when that happens.