Ely Carroll DNA Project - Results

Unrelated Clans. The project has contradicted ancient histories that say Ely Carroll is related to Dalcassian (Brian Boru) and Eognachta. Ely Carroll, Dalcassian (Brian Boru), and Eognachta had previously been thought of  as descended from a common ancestor, Olioll Olum. DNA testing has proven  otherwise.

The three groups have been found to have these SNPs:
- DF21 for Ely Carroll, and negative for L226
- L226 for Dalcassian (Brian Boru), and negative for DF21
- None yet for Eognachta, but negative for DF21 and L226 

The 67-marker intermodal genetic distances between the groups are:
- 10 between Eognachta and Dalcassian (Brian Boru)
- 13 between Eognachta and Ely Carroll
- 13 between Dalcassian (Brian Boru) and Ely Carroll

Multiple Origins of Carrolls. The project has verified that Carrolls in Ely Carroll and those in Clan Colla, Northwest Irish (Niall) and other clans are unrelated. A few ancent histories had connected Ely Carroll and Clan Colla. Many ancient histories had connected Clan Colla and Northwest irish.  DNA testing has proven otherwise' The 67-marker intermodal genetic distances between the groups are:
- 11 between Ely Carroll and Clan Colla
- 20 between Ely Carroll and Northwest irish (Niall)
- 23 between Clan Colla and Northwest irish (Niall)

Ancient Pedigrees. The project has verified ancient pedigrees that associate these six surnames with Ely Carroll: Carroll, Bowe/Bohan, Meagher, Murphy, Flanagan, Redmond.

The project has yet to verify ancient pedigrees that associate these surnames with Ely Carroll: Corcoran, Healy, Nevin, O'Connor, O'Hara. People with these names have had their DNA tested, but none has yet been found with Ely Carroll DNA.

Genetic Distance. The following table shows distribution of genetic distances from the 67-marker modal DNA for Ely Carroll for the 48 people who have joined this project. The modal can be viewed at Ysearch TG7S3. Genetic distances are computed with the McGee Utility using the hybrid mutation model, as modified in 2011. The number before the dash is genetic distance. The numbers after dash are kit numbers having that genetic distance.

GD - kits
1 - 98386
2 - 26301, 71400, 176253, 203814, 256801
3 - 3722, 112777, 174346, 203816    
4 - 30445, 107898, 115408, 146114, 177452 
5 - 6781, 23133, 48750, 107055, 112059, 162593, 180025, 223130, 271750, 283359
6 - N54552, N54562, 120553, 132975, 185954, 190806, 194206, 229066, 253508
7 - 8099, 49865, 160886, 168720, 178413    
8 - N7316, 129222, 289639
9 - 15288
10 - 50471
11 - 22400, 45013, 276544
12 - 24434

Genetic distance occurs because of mutations from one generation to another. If two people are identical in all markers except they are off in one marker by 1 point, the genetic distance would be 1. If they were off at 2 different markers by 1 point in each marker, then the genetic distance of those two samples would be 2. If they are off by 2 points at one marker and 1 point in a second marker, then the genetic distance would be 3. Based on FTDNA practice, the genetic difference for some markers is limited to 1. This method of computing genetic distance is called the hybrid mutation model.

Marker 492=11. All who have tested the 66th marker, 492, have the unique value of 11.

L21 SNP. Eleven kits have been tested for the L21 SNP and all have it. The L21 SNP is assigned the haplotype R1b1a2a1a1b4.

DF21 SNP. DF21 is a newly discovered SNP downstream of L21. Sixteen kits have been tested for the DF21 SNP and all have it: 3722, 23133, 24434, 45013, 115408, 132975, 162593, 174346, 185954, 190806, 194206, 208745, 223130, 276544, 283359, N54562.

Downstream of DF21. No kits have tested positive for SNPs downstream of DF21. A number of kits have tested negative.
- 23133, 24434, and 45013 are
- 23133 is DF25-
- 23133 and 185954 are DF5-
- 23133 and 24434 are L720-
- 23133, 24434, 45013, 107055, 129222, 146114, and 194206 are P314.2-

Geno 2.0.
Linville 23133 participated in this test, but no SNPs were found downstream of DF21.

BIG-Y. This test has the possibility of discovering SNPs downstream of DF21. Three Ely Carrolls have ordered it: Rose 6781, Bowe 146114, and  Tracey 45013. Results are not expected until February 2014.

Parallel to DF21. There are a number of SNPs that are parallel to DF21. No kits have tested positive for parallel SNPs.
- 12 kits have tested negative for M222
- 2 kits have tested negative for DF23.
- 9 kits have tested negative for L226.
- 7 kits have tested negative for L159.2.
- 3 kits have tested negative for Z253.
- 1 kit has tested negative for L513.