Doerr & Variations- Background



Darr, Derr, Dhoerr, Doerr, Dorr, Duerr, Durer, Durr


Project is open to all Doerr families. It began in August 2003 by Emmett Doerr to explore genetic linkages of Doerr families in the St. Louis, MO, and Southern IL areas in the 1800s. Most of these families emigrated from Germany or the Alsace Lorraine area. In June 2009 the current administrator volunteered to assist.

Y-Chromosome DNA testing: males with the listed surnames or variations. If you are a female researching one of these surnames, you will need DNA from an eligible male in your family to participate in the Y-DNA project.

Males and females may also order other FTDNA tests through the project including the Family Finder Test.

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