The Dymond/Dimond/Diamond DNA Project- Background



Diamand, Diament, Diamond, Diamont, Diman, Dimon, Dimond, Dymond, Dymont


This Study is for all interested in DNA assisted genealogy.
The study began in 2003. As of 2013 twenty-five distinct yDNA Family Lineage Signatures have been identified. Among these there are found 11 deep ancestral haplogroups.
Identified Family Lineages are from Ireland, Scotland, Poland, Hungary, Lithuania, Ukraine, Australia, England, Canada, and United States.
Associated names include Diamond, Diman, Dimon, Dymond, Dimond, Diament, and Deming.

Purpose and Goals 
* Identify and define individual family lines worldwide and the relationships among them, if any 
* Supplement standard genealogical research 
* Determine relatedness among descendants of known ancestors, as well as relatedness, if any, among ancestors. 
The study seeks to identify any and all lines worldwide. An important goal is to connect the corresponding branches in Ireland, Scotland, England, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, Eastern Europe, and United States. Where ever the surname has migrated. 

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