Dywer- Diver - Dever DNA Project- Background



Daver, De Vere, Deaver, Deavers, Devar, Dever, Devere, Devers, Diver, Dwyer, Vere


This project was started in 2003 with very few participants.The history of the Diver surname according to some sources is that it is a variation of the Irish Dwyer surname.
The name Dwyer in Gaelic is Duibhir, or O' Duibhir.
This has two pronounciations:
Divir, or Deere depending on what part of Ireland you came from.
Anglicized form of Gael. Ó Du(i)bhuidhir ‘descendant of Du(i)bhuidhir’, a personal name composed of the elements dubh dark, black (cf. Duff) + odhar sallow, tawny.