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Dahl, Dahle, Dail, Deahl, Deal, Dehl, Dell, Deuel, Deul, Dial, Diehl, Diel, Dieli, Dihel, Dile, Dill, Doll, Duhl, Dull, Dulle, Dyal, Dyl, Dyle, Tall, Teal, Teale, Teel, Tell, Thal, Thali, Theall, Theil, Thiel, Thiele, Thiell, Thill, Thul


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The DAHL surname and its variants (Soundex D400 and T400) are found across Northern and Western Europe. Further, by 1900 the name could be found among those of African American and Native American ancestry. Today, there are many DAHL lineages. The DAHL Surname DNA project is dedicated to using DNA to trace each line.

We welcome all who wish to trace a DAHL ancestor without regard to nationality, race, or creed. This includes those who are adopted whether you have the DAHL surname today or suspect that your birth father was a DAHL.

Joining The DAHL Surname Project

As a surname project, the main tool is the Y-chromosome DNA (Y-DNA). This is the DNA that is passed down from father to son in much the same way as Western European surnames. The Family Finder test may also be used to compare two people who are related within six generations.  If you haven't tested through Family Tree DNA (FTDNA) or one of their affiliates, please order a Y-DNA or a Family Finder (FF) test.


Y-DNA testing is the proven type of DNA evidence for showing links between men. DNA matching combined with genealogy research shows relationships for 1 to 15 generations. For most who have a brick wall in their genealogy, this is the ideal test.

For success, you should order either a Y-DNA37 or a Y-DNA67 test. This is enough to ensure that your matches are not by chance. Because Y-DNA is inherited only by men, the person tested needs to be a male with the DAHL surname (or variant). In the case of an adoption, the man tested should be the biological son of or paternal grandson of a man with the DAHL surname. Contacting males with the DAHL surname (brothers, fathers, uncles, cousins, etc.) is often needed.

Family Finder (FF): 

The Family Finder test is a new way to find DNA links supporting traditional genealogy. It uses your autosomal DNA to match you with cousins within six generations. These matches may come from any of your 32 great-great-great grandparents. They will include both your male and female relatives and anyone may take the test.

Because the Family Finder test is new, you will need to reach out to potential matches. Ask people who may be relatives to also test. They may be of either gender. It does not matter if their relationship to your common ancestor crosses back and forth between male and female lines. It is important though that they be related to you within six generations.

If you have already tested with FTDNA or an affiliate (National Genographic, IGENEA, African DNA, etc.), you may join the project using your existing results.

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Donating to the DAHL Surname Project

The DAHL Surname project has a general fund. We do welcome donations. You may give to all testing efforts, or you may specify the kit or lineage for which you would like to pay for testing. Should you donate to a specific kit, we will do our best to obtain consent for the upgrade from the owner of the kit.

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