The Craigmile Family Tree DNA Project Website - Results

Currently we have two unrelated Craigmile families:

Family 1. Craigmile/Craigmiles/Craigmyle - most distant known ancestors for this group tie back to James Craigmiles (born abt 1740-1750) found in 1769 Lancaster Co, PA (this is the family line that is found in 1789 in Kentucky) and James Craigmile (born abt 1760) found in County Tyrone, N. Ireland.

Probable sons of James Craigmiles of Lancaster PA to KY:

1. Alexander Craigmiles m. Agness unknown? (their known sons were James J., Elijah F., Alexander William)

2. James Craigmyle m. Susan Duley (we are currently working on the assumption that their sons were: Archimidus, John, Enoch, James Washington, Septimus, Americus, Ferdinand)

3. Matthew Craigmyle m. Elizabeth Beatty (based on information found in online Rootsweb Family Trees, we are assuming their sons were : Joseph, Milton, Matson, John Arby)

4. John Craigmiles m. Anna unknown (John’s will was probated in 1815 naming wife and two sons, Cyrus and James; we are currently working on the theory that this James is the same person who is found in the 1850 census in Calhoun Co, IL)

5. Joseph Craigmiles m. Bathsheba Lucinda Henderson (their known sons were: William Henderson, Pleasant M., James M., John Henderson, Pryor Lee, Joseph Green)

Family 2. Craigmile/Craigmyle - most distant known ancestor is William Craigmile born in Easter Tolmads, and died in Craigenhigh, Kincardine O'Neil, Aberdeenshire. He married MARGARET REID December 16, 1735 in Smiddyhill, Kincardine O'Neil.