The major branch points on our shared paternal lineage trace back through genealogy, history, antiquity, and ancient anthropology to reach our early hominid ancestors who lived in Africa. Recent (terminal) branches may be as recent as ten generations old or several thousand years. Thus, they are an established way to trace the migrations of human populations from the earliest times to the present. The branches on the paternal tree are haplogroups. SNP markers on the Y-Chromosome define them. This page displays Y-Chromosome DNA (Y-DNA) SNP results for the project. It shows Y-DNA haplogroups and all SNP results both positive (derived) and negative (ancestral). A plus, +, sign denotes positive results. A negative, -, sign denotes negative results. You may learn more about Y-Chromosome SNPs on the Understanding Y-DNA SNP Results learning page.

Learn more about this page. This page displays project members' Y-DNA haplogroups and SNP results. Predicted haplogroups are in red, and confirmed haplogroups are in green.

Kit Number Paternal Ancestor Name Haplogroup Short Hand Confirmed SNPs
212870 William Rule, c.1825 - unknown E1b1a1a1b1a E-L542  
336511 Jephthah Sennett b 1685 Cornwall E1b1a1a1b1a E-L542  
35415 John Gill, 1788, St. Agnes, Cornwall, England G1a3a2a1a G-PF3296 M406+, M201+, PF3293+, PF3296+, PF3299+, F3378-, F659-, L13-, L14-, M283-, L645-, M198-, CTS11795-, CTS4304-, CTS8450-, PF2411-, PF3186-
355473   I1 I-M253  
307843 John Brown 1747-1796 Cornwall I1 I-M253  
321532 Nicholas Mayne, 1722-1757, Illogan, Cornwall, UK I1 I-M253  
326259 Nicholas Mayne, 1686-1732 Illogan, Cornwall, UK I1 I-M253  
H1279 Richard Williams b.circa 1700 I1 I-M253  
218408 James Olds b. 1659 Cornwall, England I1 I-M253  
48571 Capt. John Norman, b. abt. 1737, Cornwall, England I1 I-M253 M253+, L338-, Z2541-
333855 Richard Nance, 1604-1665 I2c1 I-P37  
89162 John Odgers of Cornwall b 1840's. I2c1 I-P37 P37+
N90359 John OGER, c. 1525, Mullion, England I2c1a1 I-M26 M26+, L160-, M161-
369659 Joseph Gilbert, b 1801, d. 1881, Cornwall I2c2a I-M223  
255863 John G. Jackson, Sincock, Blewett, George, Bastian I2c2a I-M223 P215+, M223+, M284-, M379-, M201-, P37-, P78-, P95-
N46809 charles albert vosper J1 J-M267 M267+
231074 James Prout, b. 1841 and d. 1908 J2a1a J-L26 M172+, L26+, M102-
344533   R1a1a R-M512  
345191 Colon Williams (1821 England - 1897 Alleghany NC) R1b2a1 R-M269  
327396   R1b2a1 R-M269  
N102284 Daniel Souther or Southern b.1763 d. 1843 R1b2a1 R-M269  
N38482 Thomas Colenso, born 1694, Madron, Cornwall R1b2a1 R-M269  
H1036 Pascoe Crocker b1630 St Michael Penkevil Cornwall R1b2a1 R-M269  
373558 Mr. Mr. John Argall b.1840 and d.1918 R1b2a1 R-M269  
76087 Nicholas Coad; b abt 1675, of St Neot Cornwall R1b2a1 R-M269  
260069 John Trengove, b. 1770 and d. 1838 R1b2a1 R-M269  
274868 Thomas EUSTICE, b. circa 1850 d.1894 R1b2a1 R-M269  
275741 James Andrew b. c1810 and d.1850, father was John R1b2a1 R-M269  
221105 William First Phillips bc 1755 Cornwall R1b2a1 R-M269  
229537 William Phillips, 1580-1635 R1b2a1 R-M269  
24642   R1b2a1 R-M269  
248224 Richard Hawke b abt 1540, d. 1611 R1b2a1 R-M269  
248229 John Langdon Parsons, b. 1837 and d.1903 R1b2a1 R-M269  
206372 William Jewell b. 1795 Delaware, USA d. 1847 MD US R1b2a1 R-M269  
182587 Richard Hawke. b abt 1540, d. 1611 R1b2a1 R-M269  
142592 Edward Coode ~1565 R1b2a1 R-M269  
171108 Rev Richard Code ~ 1390 Gidleigh, Devon R1b2a1 R-M269  
N81812 Joseph Gribben, 1804-1875 R1b2a1 R-M269  
170301 John Sincock Cornwall UK R1b2a1 R-M269 L23-
31131 Joseph Gilbert b. ca. 1670 Cornwall d. 1710 Penn. R1b2a1 R-M269 M173+, M269+, M343+, M207+, P25+, M269+, L23+, L49+, P310+, P311+, P312+, L11+, L21-, P107-, U106-, U152-, U198-, P66-, SRY2627-, M222-, M37-, M65-, M73-, M18-, M126-, M153-, M160-
288896 John Phillips, b.c.1776 Cornwall, England R1b2a1 R-M269 M269+
263185 Joseph Watty, born abt 1670, Cambourne, England R1b2a1 R-M269 M269+
258212 John Gilbert b 1560 Bodmin, Cornwall R1b2a1aBa1a R-P311  
155897 William Nankivell, 1789 - 1840 R1b2a1aBa1a R-P311  
288178 Mathias Jewell - b. ca 1707 R1b2a1aBa1a R-P311  
347244   R1b2a1aBa1a R-P311  
156622 William JOHNS I, b. 1774, Cornwall, England R1b2a1aBa1a1 R-P312  
199767 George Doble, circa 1470,Lezant Cornwall R1b2a1aBa1a1 R-P312  
236615 T001 Holla, John bc1670 CON Zennor m 1695 Zennor R1b2a1aBa1a1 R-P312  
279976 Thomas Yeats born abt 1791, Died 1837 R1b2a1aBa1a1 R-P312  
149291 James Kellow, ~1770 - 1845 R1b2a1aBa1a1 R-P312 L23+, L49+, P310+, P311+, P312+, SRY2627-, U106-, U152-, U198-, M126-, M153-, M160-, M65-, P107-, L4-, L48-, L1-, L2-, L21-
B4020 John Warren, b. 1801 and d. 1889 - R-DF27+ R1b2a1aBa1a1 R-P312 P310+, P312+, DF27+, Z195-, Z225-, A431-, L21-, L48-
N75663 Lewis Sebastian Sears, 1876 - 1931,Tuscumbia, MO, R1b2a1aBa1a1 R-P312 P312+, P89-, U106-, U152-, U198-, L1-, L148-, L164-, L165-, L176-, L188-, L193-, L196-, L2-, L20-, L21-, L217-, L257-, L325-, L4-, L44-, L47-, L48-, L6-, M126-, M153-, M160-, M228-, M65-, P107-
269536 John Cruse/Crews b. 1807 Linkinhorne, Cornwall R1b2a1aBa1a1a R-L21  
329670 Matthew Luke b pre 1730 St Agnes Cornwall R1b2a1aBa1a1a R-L21  
157524 Walter Coade/Reed, Stithians ~1640 via Stephen Co R1b2a1aBa1a1a R-L21  
206335 Edward Teague, 1660-1697 R1b2a1aBa1a1a R-L21 L150+, L21+, L23+, L51+, L96-, M126-, M222-, M37-, P314-, P66-, U106-, L257-, L4-, L226-, L159-, L165-, L176-, L193-, L196-, L2-, L144-
N66608 George Doble, circa 1490 R1b2a1aBa1a1a R-L21 L21+, L226-, L257-, L96-, M222-, M228-, M37-, P314-, P66-, U106-, L144-, L159-, L165-, L176-, L193-, L20-
205737 Henry Isbell, 1720-1798 R1b2a1aBa1a1a R-L21 L21+, L226-, L257-, L96-, M222-, M37-, P314-, P66-, U106-, L144-, L159-, L165-, L176-, L193-, L196-, L2-
97847 Walter Coade/Reed, Stithians ~1640 Via John Coad 1 R1b2a1aBa1a1a R-L21 M269+, L21+, L23+, M269+, M37-, P66-, M222-, L1-, L2-, L20-
7251 Charles D Poor b. 1848 and d. 1920 R1b2a1aBa1a1a2c R-Z253 L21+, P312+, Z253+, L144-, L159-, L193-, P314-, P66-, U106-, DF41-, L226-, L96-, M222-, M37-
219373 William Skinner Bice, 1790 - 1866 R1b2a1aBa1a1a2c R-Z253 L585+, L721+, L747+, L752+, L754+, L761+, L768+, L773+, L774+, L779+, L82+, M139+, M168+, M207+, M235+, M294+, M343+, M415+, M42+, M45+, M526+, M89+, M94+, P128+, P131+, P132+, P135+, P136+, P138+, P14+, P141+, P145+, P146+, P148+, P151+, P158+, P159+, P160+, P166+, P187+, P207+, P225+, P226+, P228+, P229+, P230+, P232+, P233+, P235+, P236+, P237+, P238+, P240+, P242+, P243+, P244+, P245+, P280+, P281+, P282+, P283+, P284+, P285+, P286+, P295+, P297+, P310+, PAGES00083+, PF1016+, PF1029+, PF1031+, PF1040+, PF1046+, PF1061+, PF1092+, PF1097+, PF110+, PF1203+, PF1269+, PF1276+, PF192+, PF210+, PF212+, PF223+, PF234+, PF258+, PF2591+, PF2593+, PF2599+, PF2608+, PF2611+, PF2615+, PF2624+, PF263+, PF2643+, PF272+, PF2745+, PF2747+, PF2748+, PF2749+, PF2770+, PF278+, PF292+, PF316+, PF325+, PF342+, PF500+, PF5465+, PF5466+, PF5468+, PF5471+, PF5851+, PF5853+, PF5854+, PF5865+, PF5869+, PF5871+, PF5882+, PF5886+, PF5887+, PF5888+, PF5953+, PF5956+, PF5957+, PF5964+, PF5965+, PF5982+, PF6063+, PF6091+, PF6145+, PF6246+, PF6249+, PF6250+, PF6263+, PF6265+, PF6270+, PF6271+, PF6272+, PF6404+, PF6409+, PF6411+, PF6424+, PF6425+, PF6430+, PF6432+, PF6434+, PF6438+, PF6443+, PF6463+, PF6464+, PF6469+, PF6470+, PF6477+, PF6479+, PF6494+, PF6495+, PF6498+, PF6500+, PF6506+, PF6507+, PF6509+, PF6520+, PF6524+, PF667+, PF719+, PF725+, PF779+, PF796+, PF803+, PF815+, PF821+, PF840+, PF844+, PF892+, PF937+, PF951+, PF954+, PF970+, s10+, s3+, V186+, V189+, V205+, V52+, V9+, YSC0000067+, YSC0000072+, YSC0000075+, YSC0000082+, YSC0000166+, YSC0000176+, YSC0000179+, YSC0000182+, YSC0000186+, YSC0000191+, YSC0000194+, YSC0000201+, YSC0000203+, YSC0000205+, YSC0000207+, YSC0000213+, YSC0000219+, YSC0000224+, YSC0000225+, YSC0000227+, YSC0000230+, YSC0000232+, YSC0000233+, YSC0000251+, YSC0000269+, YSC0000270+, YSC0000279+, YSC0000288+, YSC0000294+, Z253+, Z290+, CTS12478+, CTS125+, CTS12632+, CTS1996+, CTS2134+, CTS2664+, CTS3063+, CTS3135+, CTS3331+, CTS3358+, CTS3431+, CTS3536+, CTS3575+, CTS3654+, CTS3662+, CTS3868+, CTS3996+, CTS4244+, CTS4364+, CTS4368+, CTS4437+, CTS4443+, CTS4740+, CTS5318+, CTS5457+, CTS5532+, CTS5884+, CTS6135+, CTS623+, CTS6383+, CTS6800+, CTS6907+, CTS7922+, CTS7933+, CTS8243+, CTS8728+, CTS8980+, CTS9828+, F1046+, F115+, F1209+, F1302+, F1320+, F1329+, F1704+, F1714+, F1753+, F1767+, F1794+, F180+, F4+, F47+, F506+, F556+, F63+, F640+, F647+, F652+, F671+, F719+, F82+, F83+, F93+, L11+, L132+, L15+, L150+, L151+, L16+, L21+, L23+, L265+, L278+, L350+, L388+, L389+, L407+, L468+, L470+, L471+, L478+, L482+, L483+, L498+, L500+, L502+, L506+, L51+, L52+, F2048+, F2075+, F211+, F2142+, F2155+, F2302+, F2402+, F2587+, F2688+, F2710+, F2837+, F29+, F295+, F2985+, F2993+, F3111+, F313+, F3136+, F33+, F332+, F3335+, F344+, F3556+, F356+, F359+, F3692+, F378+, CTS10168+, CTS10362+, CTS10834+, CTS109+, CTS11358+, CTS11575+, CTS11726+, CTS11985+, L21+, L226-, L96-, M222-, M37-, P314-, P66-, L144-, L159-, L193-, CTS1202-, F3808-, L554-, F1969-
264609 John Chapman, b. ca. 1813 and d. 1903 R1b2a1aBa1a1a2t1a1a R-A725 A725+, BY196+, FGC5939+, M222+, DF109+, FGC4077+, Y2601+, Y2602+, Z70-, FGC4133-, FGC4134-, FGC5856-, FGC5864-, DF85-, F1400-, F3024-, F3952-, F499-, FGC12948-, A223-, A224-, A260-, A359-, A590-, FGC8738-, FGC8739-, M226-, M4491-, PF2028-, PF3292-, PF3988-, PF7301-, PF910-, S555-, S566-, S568-, S588-, S658-, S668-, S673-, S7049-, S7814-, BY197-, BY198-, BY199-, BY200-, BY201-, BY202-, BY203-, BY204-, BY205-, CTS10488-, CTS11548-, CTS12173-, CTS3771-, CTS6-, CTS8002-, CTS8580-, CTS9501-, DF104-, DF105-
207548 James Bray, b. 1830 and d. 1898, Cornwall, England R1b2a1aBa1a1g R-DF27 DF27+, P310+, P312+, P89-, U106-, U152-, U198-, Z196-, Z195-, L194-, Z225-, DF19-, CTS11567-, F2691-, CTS10429-, DF99-, L1-, L144-, L148-, L159-, L164-, L165-, L176-, L188-, L193-, L196-, L2-, L20-, L21-, L217-, L226-, L257-, L325-, L4-, L44-, L47-, L48-, L6-, M126-, M153-, M160-, M228-, M65-, P107-
112608 Samuel Coad(e), b abt 1666 Crowan Cornwall R1b2a1aBa1a2 R-U106  
316601 John Dunstan, m. 1811 Feock, Cornwall R1b2a1aBa1a2 R-U106  
249818 Hoar? Bef. 1800, Cornwall or Devon, England R1b2a1aBa1a2 R-U106 U106+
238083 James Soady, 1787 and d 1860 R1b2a1aBa1a2a1 R-L48  
7760 William Pascoe, R1b2a1aBa1a2a1 R-L48  
215206 Thomas Peain, 1862 - 1898 R1b2a1aBa1a2a1 R-L48 L23+, L48+, L44-, L47-, L148-, L164-, L188-, L2-
17449 Jacob Hawk, b. abt. 1760 R1b2a1aBa1a2a1b R-L47  
N59166 Henry Dyer, b est 1634, married 1654 R1b2a1aBa1a2a2 R-U198 M269+, U106+, U198+, P312-
7275 Thomas Crago in Wood Co., OH 1835 R1b2a1aBa1a2a2 R-U198 P25+, DF94+, U198+, P36-, M3-
7631 Thomas Crago, died 1771 in PA R1b2a1aBa1a2a2 R-U198 U106+, U198+
130281   R1b2a1aBa1a2a3a1d1 R-L1  
298889 Thomas Dawe, b.1777, Cornwall, ENG T1 T-M70  
362407 John Perkins, b. 1794 - -