Coon/Koontz/Kuhn/Coonts, etc. DNA/Genealogy Website - Results

See the sub-groupings using the "Y-DNA Results" tab to the left of your screen. These sub-groups indicate a very high probability of a relationship between the ancestors that are within the same color-highlighted area. Groups are made up of test results of participants that show a 12/12 match for those who have done the 12 marker test, and at least 23/25 match for those who have done the 25 marker test.

There are some cases where a 11/12 match exists between members which can also indicate a possible relationship. However, some of these members results would place them in two or more groups at one time so we have not grouped them in the table. If you have a 11/12 match with someone you feel you may be related to, further testing at the 37 marker test will help make a determination.

To facilitate appropriate clustering of results it is recommended that existing members upgrade their results to the the 37 marker test level. For most haplogroups an initial 37 marker test is the best value for identifying potential genealogical matches.

If results are not within a highlighted group, no near match have been found within this project.

Details about some of the participants' family trees can be found here: