Clent, Clente, Clint, Clinton, de Clent, de Clint, de Clinton, Klint, Mac Giolla Fhionntain, MacClinton, McClintic, McClintick, McClintock, McClinton, McLintock, Simpson, Simson


The Clinton - Clint DNA Project has been created to explore the histories and origins of the surnames Clinton and Clint, as well as their relationships with the other surnames that are listed as eligible for this project.

The Clinton - Clint DNA Project has also been created to assist Clinton and Clint family researchers, using molecular biology, i.e. DNA analysis, to determine their family ties, and to help trace the history and origins of their own particular Clinton or Clint family line.

In his book, “The Surnames of Ireland,” Dr. Edward MacLysaght writes:
“Clinton ‘de Cliontun.’ Rare now, this name was prominant in mediaeval Irish records. “
“Mac Clinton ‘Mac Giolla Fhionntain’ (devotee of St. Fintan). A West Ulster name distinct from the English Clinton.”
"Mac Clintock 'Mac Giolla Fhionntog'. A Scottish name numerous in Antrim and Derry. Black says this, Like MacClinton, refers to St. Fintan."

In his book, “More Irish Families,” Dr. MacLysaght notes:
“Clinton is the family name of the Duke of Newcastle: this family is English, not Irish, but in 1878 a member of it was the owner of a property of 13,563 acres in Co. Cork.”
MacLysaght also refers to “the old Hiberno-Norman family of Dowdstown and Clintonstown, Co. Louth.”

Persons with the surname of "de Clynt" were recorded very early in Yorkshire, England. This DNA project is very interested in learning about the Clints of Yorkshire. We have included the surname of "Simpson" and "Simson" due to some researchers stating that one of the de Clints changed his surname to Simpson. The Y-DNA may tell us it that is true.

We will be looking at these theories, as to the origins of the differing Clinton and Clint sunames, as well as others. Y-DNA testing is for tracing a direct male lineage, and a male of that surname must be tested.

Females can participate by locating and testing a male relative with that surname from her family line.

At least a 37 marker Y-DNA test kit is highly recommended by the Group Administrator.  

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