Clan Colla 425 null project - Results

What defines Clan Colla DNA?

SNPs markers:
..... haplogroup R1b1a2a1a1b4 (or L21 positive) - further SNPs downstream of L21 are DF21+

STR markers:  
..... 425=0 (100%)

….. 505=9 (100%)
..... 511=9 (98% = 9, and 2%=10) 

GD ( Genetic Distance ) to the Clan Colla modal:
..... 11 or less (our members range from 1 to 11 on 67 markers)

Modal DNA for Clan Colla

A Clan Colla modal haplotype has been established at Ysearch called DURRQ. You can use the DURRQ id to search for individuals matching Clan Colla. The DURRQ modal represents the most common markers for the participants in this project, and others outside of this project who also have Colla surname, and a 425 null. The Clan Colla modal was calculated using the McGee Y-DNA Comparison Utility. To see the Clan Colla modal markers, please click here DURRQ.

Predominant markers

Clan Colla participants will have most of the marker values listed below depending upon what test marker level they have been tested at. The 425 null though seems to be the most defining element in our project; however not all 425 nulls will be related to the Clan Colla. There are some less common haplogroups that will display 425 nulls more frequently, but these groups are not related to Clan Colla because they are of a different haplogroup than ours.  More detail on these these predominant markers and their percentages can be found here: Colla verses Reference DNA and Source Data on Peter Biggins website.  The most prevalent markers (with percent distribution within the project) are found below.

100% - Marker 425: null value “0”
100% - Marker 505: value of 9
 99% - Marker 511: value of 9
 99% - Marker 385b: value of 15-17
 97% - Marker 534: value of 16-18
 95% - Marker 413a: value of 22
 90% - Marker 570: value of 18-21
 81% - Marker 449: value of 27-28
 74% - Marker 439: value of 13-15

Genetic Distance

The average genetic distance (GD) of the participants in the Clan Colla project is 6, with a range from 1 to 11 on 67 markers. The “Hybrid mutation model” was used in calculating the genetic distance using the McGee Y-DNA Comparison Utility. This mutation model is the same that FT-DNA uses to calculate GD. To see a table with the genetic distances between the surnames and the Clan Colla modal called DURRQ, see Colla Group Detail, Genetic Distance and Source Data on Peter Biggins website.

Interpreting Genetic Distance Within Surname Projects - 12 Markers

Interpreting Genetic Distance Within Surname Projects - 25 Markers

Interpreting Genetic Distance Within Surname Projects - 37 Markers

Interpreting Genetic Distance Within Surname Projects - 67 Markers


Our original thoughts were that Cairpri Daim Airgit (King of Airgialla), or perhaps his son Nadsluaigh, or one of his descendants may have started the 425 null. The 425 null would have been passed down to all of the descendants. And that might explain why there are some McMahons, Carrolls, McGuires, and McKennas and others that share this null. We are seeing the 425 null being passed down through at least two of the Colla brothers, (Colla da Crioch and Colla Uais). But to date, we have not located a descendant of Colla Menn. But seeing the null in the other two Colla brothers... would indicate that a previous ancestor to the Collas must have carried the null, and that the null was passed down to their father.

This 425 null mutation likely occurred somewhere below the L21+ location in the Haplogroup family tree... and above the Three Collas. Some testers without the null may possibly be related at the L21+ haplogroup level, or just above the 425 null ancestor.  See Patrick McMahon's write-up on the L21 and Tribal Drift, the westward movement of bronze-age Celts through Europe).  The 425 null mutation could have originated as far back as Cairbre Lithfeachair (the grandfather to the Collas), but may have started even further back. From Cairbre Lithfeachair the null would have been passed down to Eochaid Dublein, and then on to his sons - The Three Collas.

In a parallel path from Cairbre Lithfeachair, the null would have been passed down through another son Fiacha Sraibhtine, then to Muiredach Tirech, then onto his great-grandson Eocaidh Muigh-medon, 124th King of Ireland. Eocaidh Muigh-medon was the father of Niall of Nine Hostages. It appears though that Naill and his descendants (per current DNA testers) did not receive the 425 null. Niall was born to Eocaidh’s second wife Carthann Cais Dubha (Cairenn Chasdub), daughter of Sachell Balb, king of the Saxons. And it may have been possible that Carthann was carrying someone else's child, rather than Eocaidh’s. But, through Eocaidh's first wife Mong-Fionn, (or Mongfind), daughter of Fidach, there was born to Eocaidh four earlier sons... Brian, Fiachra (or Fiachrae), Olioll, and Fergus.

We have found three surnames that are carrying the 425 null down through Fiachra, a half brother to Niall. But as earlier mentioned no nulls have been passed down to Niall's descendants thus far tested.  Here is John O'Hart's lineage for Fiachra

Cairbre Lithfeachair (117th King of Ireland, and Grandfather to the Collas, through his son Eochaid Dublein) 
Fiacha Sraibhtine third son, and 120th Monarch of Ireland; was slain by the Three Collas)
Muiredach Tirech (fought and banished Colla Uais and his two brothers into Scotland)
Eocaidh Muigh-medon

Through Eocaidh Muigh-medon's first wife
Mong-Fionn, the following sons were born:

 1. Brian
Fiachra (an elder half brother to Niall of Nine Hostages)
 3. Olioll
 4. Fergus
And by Eochaidh's second wife
Carthann Cais Dubha (or Carinna), the daughter of a Celtic King in Britain... the following son was born.
 1. Niall Mor (
Niall of Nine Hostages)

Additional detail of the gathered data and results can be found here... 
Summary of Study Results.