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*** China DNA @ Facebook - Join us! *** Welcome to the China / Chinese DNA project. If you are a Chinese, or have Chinese ancestry somewhere along the line. Whether living in or outside China, you are most welcome to join. We hope to be able to chart the distribution of Chinese DNA around the world. For the benefit of the general scientific community, all communication will be done in English. This is a dual (Y-DNA & mtDNA) geographical project. Unlike a surname project, which looks to matching or disproving close biological relatedness, this project looks at things from a population / statistical point of view. By joining this project, you will be able to contribute to the pool of data. As the collected data increases, the results will become more statistically significant. There are 4 ways to join this project: 1) If this is the first time you're testing your DNA, you can join using the following link, which provides a significant discount:JOIN THE China / Chinese PROJECT 2) Or you can join the:National Geographic Genographic ProjectAt the bottom right of the page, click on the following:Buy the Participation KitWhen the results are out, you can have it transferred to Family Tree DNA. 3) If you have been tested by Family Tree DNA before, then click on the following, then enter your Kit Number and Password :REQUEST TO JOIN THIS GROUP 4) If you have been tested before by another company, you may like to take advantage of this offer:PROMOTIONAL ORDER FORMATTENTION: THIS ORDER FORM IS ONLY VALID FOR INDIVIDUALS THAT HAVE TESTED THEIR Y-DNA WITH ONE OF THE FOLLOWING COMPANIES: RELATIVE GENETICS, DNAHERITAGE, OXFORD ANCESTORS, GENEBASE Some points to note about genealogical / ancestral Y-DNA & mtDNA testing:- It does not look for any genetic diseases. - It does not use the same markers as those used for forensic / criminal cases. - No blood taking is involved, only a cotton swab of the inner side of the cheek. Links of interest:*** China DNA @ Facebook - Join us! ***Most Chinese appear to come from the O haplogroup, so here are some resources:Y-DNA Haplogroup O and its Subclades - 2008Haplogroup O (Y-DNA) @ WikipediaHaplogroup O1 (Y-DNA) @ WikipediaHaplogroup O2 (Y-DNA) @ WikipediaHaplogroup O3 (Y-DNA) @ WikipediaY-Chromosome Evidence of Southern Origin of the East Asian–Specific Haplogroup O3-M122 (html)Y-Chromosome Evidence of Southern Origin of the East Asian–Specific Haplogroup O3-M122 (pdf)O...O3 Y-DNA Haplogroup Project at Family Tree DNAHaplogroup O (Y-DNA) group on FacebookInteresting snippets:More couples turn to DNA tests in ShenzhenSuspicious dads prompt paternity test trendY-DNA Human Migration (Haplogroups) - FamilyTreeDNA 2006Unlimited Free Image and File Hosting at MediaFiremt-DNA Human Migration - FamilyTreeDNA 2006Unlimited Free Image and File Hosting at MediaFire


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