The Chesnut and similar surname DNA project- Background



Chace, Chason, Chastain, Chastant, Chaston, Chastun, Cheason, Chenet, Cheney, Chesham, Chesnai, Chesneau, Chesney, Chesnin, Chesnir, Chesno, Chesnoff, Chesnot, Chesnov, Chesnuitis, Chesnuityte, Chesnuk, Chesnut, Chesnutt, Cheson, Chesonis, Chesson, Chessum, Chestenie, Chester, Chesters, Chestney, Chestnut, Chestnutt, Cheston, Kastanje, McChesney, McChesnut, McChestnut


This project will test whether the Chesnut and similar surnames are actually related, and, if so, how distantly related they are. The surnames included are Chesnut, Chesnutt, Chestnut, Chestnutt, Chesney, McChesney, Chastain and related surnames.
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