Calabria DNA Project - News

As of August 2008, we currently have 93 Calabrian Y-DNA samples and 36 Calabrian mtDNA samples in this project. So far we are seeing very diverse results from Calabria! We have male lines that come from the Middle East, Western Europe, Northern Europe, Northern Africa, central Asia, and even East Asia. We see similar diversity on the female mtDNA lines. TO JOIN Current Family Tree DNA Customers: Go to your Family Tree DNA personal page and click on the blue icon labelled "Join" (This is in the left hand column, below your name and kit number.) This will bring you to a page with the title "Group Join." Scroll down this page and look for the section titled "Dual Geographic Projects." Next, click on the letter "C" in that section, which sends you to another page. On that page click on "Calabria DNA Project" which sends you, finally, to the page where you can scroll down and click on the "Join" button, near the bottom. National Geographic's Genographic Project members: Any one who has been tested by the Genographic Project can upload their results for free to Family Tree DNA and then join projects. To upload your results to Family Tree DNA, go to your Genographic Project "Results" page. At the bottom of that page it says "To learn more about your family history..." Click on that and follow the steps and your results will be added to Family Tree DNA's database. Then use the instructions above (for Current Family Tree DNA Customers), to join the Calabria, Italy Project. Not with Family Tree DNA or Genographic Project: Just click on the link labelled "Join this Project" in the upper left hand corner of this page. This will send you to a page where you can fill out the form to join and order a test kit. A basic 12 marker yDNA test costs $99; the 25 marker test costs $148; the 37 marker test costs $189; the 67 marker test costs $269. (These prices include a discount for joining the project.) There is a pulldown menu at the bottom of the form with all the test options (including mtDNA tests) and prices. NEW PARTICIPANTS: Once you place an order, FamilyTreeDNA will send you a DNA kit at the address you provide. You simply do the 3 minute painless cheek swab and return it in the mail in the envelope provided. It is that easy!