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Founded in 2002, this project has been established to study the genetic heritage of Calabria, which has been a crossroads of civilization for almost 3000 years of recorded history. DNA testing, both yDNA for paternal lines and mtDNA for maternal lines, can provide a picture of the deep and recent ethnic background of Calabrians and their descendants. This includes Greek, Italian, Arab, Sephardic Jewish, Norman and Spanish backgrounds, among others. An added bonus, as more join and the database grows, is the possibility of finding common ancestors in the more recent period. This would allow family researchers to connect with distant cousins more quickly and collaborate more effectively in their research in the records. MY PERSONAL STORY: About 13 years ago I decided to trace back my family tree. My dad's family was from the villages of Gioiosa Jonica and Martone in Reggio Calabria, Italy. To my surprise, the Mormon Church had microfilmed most birth, marriage, and death records from these villages from years 1809-1910. But, this could only get me so far back. I had always hoped their would be a technology that could let me know where my ancestors came much further back in time, especially since I knew Calabria had a history of many different ethnic groups crossing through this region. In 2002 I found a company called FAMILY TREE DNA, and I tested my own Y-DNA, which I inherited pretty much unchanged from my original Loccisano ancestor 1000s of years ago. I found out that my Loccisano ancestor was not a European line, and infact, he came from around the Caucauses mountains/Middle East region and carried a unique mutation called M406 on his Y-DNA (which I have on my Y-DNA also). As more people from around the world are sampled, we can figure out which Middle Eastern groups carry M406, and will be able to determine which ancient group of people my Loccisano ancestor came from before reaching Calabria. It would be great to get other Calabrians to take a Y-DNA test to find the origins of their father's family and an mtDNA to show the origins of their mother's maternal line. Recently, NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC and IBM, two very reputable companies, have just become partners with “Family Tree DNA”, to make these DNA tests more visible to the public. Here are the distinguished scientists working at FamilyTreeDNA. It is headed by Dr. Michael Hammer at the University of Arizona: If you want to order either a Y-DNA test or an mtDNA test, you can do so by clicking the link "Join this Project" in the upper left hand corner of this page OR by clicking this link:

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