BICKHAM Surname DNA Project - News

26 June: Results returned for # 241471, a month earlier than expected. Of the three participants of the 'Southern Bickham' line we still do not have an exact match of all twelve markers.

1 June: Sample kit (# 241471) from our newest participant has been sent to the lab and results are expected 27 July. This new participant is a member of the extensive 'Southern Bickham' line and descends from a different brother than the other two participants of this line. Results should be interesting.

16 May 2012: After two years of inactivity, we have a new participant, # 241471. This participant has ordered the Y-DNA25 test. Communication is in progress to learn more about the participant's ancestry.

28 January 2010: Results returned for #170491. No surprise that his DNA matches that of the other three participants who descend from George Washington Bickham, son of Hugh Bickham of Logan County, Ohio.

29 December: The eighth participant (# 170491) joined the project. He is a descendant of Hugh Bickham, of Logan County, Ohio, through Hugh's eldest son, Robert Bickham.

7 December: Results are back for # 165998. As expected, his 12 markers are a match with the other direct descendant of Richard Bickham, # 103110.

4 November: We now have seven participants. This seventh participant (# 165998) is also a descendant of Richard Bickham of 1698, Burlington, New Jersey.

5 August: Results back for participant # 157329, the second participant from the 'Southern Bickham' line and also said to be a descendant of Benjamin Bickham. Big surprise with these results!

28 June 2009: After eighteen months months of project inactivity, the sixth participant (#157329) has joined the project. He is also a descendant of Benjamin Bickham, of the 'Southern Bickham' line.

20 December: Results back from the lab for # 106002, a descendant of Benjamin Bickham, one of the five brothers of the 'Southern Bickham' line.

27 November: Results back from the lab for #104549, the third individual who is a descendant of George Washington Bickham, a son of Hugh Bickham.

15 November: Results back!!! on # 103104 and # 103110.

4 November: The fifth participant (# 106002) has joined the project. He is a member of the huge "Southern Bickham" line.

17 October: The fourth participant (# 104549) joined the project. He is also a descendant of Hugh Bickham of Logan County, Ohio.

9 October: Results displayed for Kit 65358. Haplogroup R1b1 is England. No surprise there!

8 October: Learned that a descendant from Hugh BICKHAM's line has already had DNA testing done with Family Tree DNA. Requested he be added to the BICKHAM DNA Project. His is # 65358.

4 October: Second participant (# 103110) and second line represented. A descendant of Richard BICKHAM of Burlington, New Jersey, in 1698.

3 October 2007: First participant (# 103104), a descendant of Hugh BICKHAM of Kentucky and Logan County, Ohio.