Benelux Geographical yDNA Project - Results

Here is the link to ongoing discussion regarding current results of the BeNeLux y-DNA Project: Result Discussion G – 11% confirmed DSNP G (2) G2 (2) * The remaining member is predicted G2. I - 49% confirmed DSNP I (5) I1a (4) * There are 10 predicted I's and 2 unpredicted that appear to be I based on their haplotype. R1b – 40% confirmed DSNP R1b1 (1) R1b1c (5) * There are 4 predicted R1b's, 6 predicted R1b1 and 1 predicted R1b1c ** all 67-marker tests for R1b's show DYS492 = 13 which points to R1b1c9 as most likely subclade
R1b data tables divided by haplogroup and color coded. One interesting marker for the Benelux R1b's is DYS CDY b. The R1b modal for this marker is 38. It seems almost all people from the Benelux region have either a value of 37 or 40, fairly even between the two. This is uncommon in R1b so it will be interesting to see if this trend continues.Note:Individuals that are not listed in a catagory do not have a know geographic point in the Benelux region. When this point becomes known through research they will be moved into the appropriate catagory.