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6 Aug 2013 Looking for Project Administrator Volunteers

As you may, or may not know Project Admins are volunteers. Meaning this is something we do in our free time. As you can imagine priorities and interests change.

And because of this, the project has been neglected. My apologies for that. This is also the reason why I am searching for Volunteer Administrators to take over duties.

Kind regards,

Jules van Laar

28 Jun 2008 In the last couple of months the Haplogroup categories have been restructured. Haplogroup I has been split into I1 (former I1a) and non-I1. The members of the non-I1 group are expected to be I2 (former I1b and I1c), however some have not yet been tested or predicted to be in this haplogroup. Haplogroup R1b has been split in the new major subclades, and one Pending Test category that contains all members who have not done sufficient Haplogroup testing to be placed in any of the categories. FTdna is currently not predicting these new subclades, so tests are necessary to be certain. 21 Nov 2006 van der Merwede tested S21+ which puts both van der Merwede's in the project at R1b1c9.

15 Nov 2006 Wim Callewaert has accepted the position of co-administrator for the project.

3 Sep 2006: Quirindongo was an interesting find in the migration of yDNA from the lowlands to the West-Indies. Here is a link: Quirindongo

14 Aug 2006: I will be creating a new website for the project as I have had requests from people that tested at other companys that want to be involved. I will announce the URL when it is ready.

1 Aug 2006: Setup a forum for project discussions. FORUM . 31 July 2006: Project launched by George van der Merwede.