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The major branch points on our shared paternal lineage trace back through genealogy, history, antiquity, and ancient anthropology to reach our early hominid ancestors who lived in Africa. Recent (terminal) branches may be as recent as ten generations old or several thousand years. Thus, they are an established way to trace the migrations of human populations from the earliest times to the present. The branches on the paternal tree are haplogroups. SNP markers on the Y-Chromosome define them. This page displays Y-Chromosome DNA (Y-DNA) SNP results for the project. It shows Y-DNA haplogroups and all SNP results both positive (derived) and negative (ancestral). A plus, +, sign denotes positive results. A negative, -, sign denotes negative results. You may learn more about Y-Chromosome SNPs on the Understanding Y-DNA SNP Results learning page.

Learn more about this page. This page displays project members' Y-DNA haplogroups and SNP results. Predicted haplogroups are in red, and confirmed haplogroups are in green.

* denotes a no call or heterozygous call.

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Kit Number Last Name Paternal Ancestor Name Short Hand Confirmed SNPs
208044 Barnard Joseph Barnard b. 1741 E-L117  
211431 Barnett Michael Barnett E-L117  
B11005 Kosar   E-L117  
N70754 David-Barrett   E-L117  
190862 Barnett   E-M2  
108582 Barnett   E-M2  
210277 Barnett Barnett E-M35 M35+
227557 Blair Colbert Blair, b. 1729 and d. E-Z16988 A117+, BY34280+, BY34307+, BY3880+, BY4279+, CTS101+, CTS10184+, CTS10323+, CTS10513+, CTS10617+, CTS10637+, CTS10679+, CTS10714+, CTS1075+, CTS10912+, CTS11082+, CTS11310+, CTS119+, CTS11953+, CTS124+, CTS12632+, CTS1273+, CTS1389+, CTS1446+, CTS1773+, CTS1975+, CTS1978+, CTS2001+, CTS2150+, CTS225+, CTS2270+, CTS2374+, CTS2474+, CTS2620+, CTS2661+, CTS3262+, CTS3278+, CTS3287+, CTS3334+, CTS3512+, CTS3536+, CTS3637+, CTS3868+, CTS3988+, CTS3996+, CTS4368+, CTS4437+, CTS4443+, CTS4685+, CTS4856+, CTS5291+, CTS5316+, CTS5371+, CTS5373+, CTS5404+, CTS5527+, CTS5530+, CTS5561+, CTS5792+, CTS58+, CTS5856+, CTS5884+, CTS5935+, CTS6135+, CTS6298+, CTS6333+, CTS6472+, CTS6513+, CTS675+, CTS6809+, CTS6842+, CTS6953+, CTS7154+, CTS7166+, CTS7273+, CTS7924+, CTS7980+, CTS8002+, CTS8033+, CTS8053+, CTS8061+, CTS8131+, CTS8586+, CTS8899+, CTS890+, CTS8900+, CTS8945+, CTS8947+, CTS9017+, CTS9049+, CTS9320+, CTS9324+, CTS9956+, F1365+, F1977+, F3170+, F986+, FGC2141+, FGC36575+, L1090+, L117+, L136+, L336+, L339+, L489+, L499+, L504+, L507+, L537+, L538+, L539+, L542+, L544+, L546+, L547+, L618+, L676+, M145+, M168+, M203+, M294+, M299+, M40+, M42+, M5090+, M5441+, M5533+, M78+, M94+, M96+, P144+, P147+, P152+, P153+, P154+, P155+, P156+, P162+, P165+, P167+, P168+, P169+, P170+, P171+, P172+, P173+, P174+, P175+, P176+, P180+, P181+, P2+, P29+, PAGES00026+, PAGES00081+, PAGES00102+, PF1442+, PF1501+, PF1531+, PF1532+, PF1534+, PF1535+, PF1536+, PF1537+, PF1538+, PF1540+, PF1542+, PF1543+, PF1545+, PF1547+, PF1548+, PF1550+, PF1551+, PF1552+, PF1554+, PF1555+, PF1559+, PF1561+, PF1563+, PF1567+, PF1570+, PF1572+, PF1575+, PF1576+, PF1583+, PF1755+, PF1793+, PF1795+, PF1796+, PF1798+, PF1799+, PF1801+, PF1806+, PF1807+, PF1809+, PF1818+, PF1819+, PF1827+, PF1828+, PF1830+, PF1831+, PF1836+, PF1871+, PF1873+, PF1909+, PF1929+, PF2108+, PF2109+, PF2110+, PF2111+, PF2114+, PF2115+, PF2116+, PF2117+, PF2118+, PF2124+, PF2147+, PF2173+, PF2175+, PF2179+, PF2185+, PF2188+, PF2213+, PF2215+, PF2217+, PF2246+, PH248+, S12376+, S20250+, S26015+, S8336+, SK887+, SK888+, V13+, V168+, V221+, V241+, V250+, V36+, V52+, V9+, Y2491+, Y3182+, Y3864+, YP5042+, YSC0000227+, Z15667+, Z16988+, Z2065+, Z5016+
354036 Lepik   E-Z22455 BY1164+, BY27761+, BY3070+, BY34420+, BY34423+, BY39960+, BY48339+, CTS1001+, CTS101+, CTS10638+, CTS10659+, CTS10714+, CTS1075+, CTS10806+, CTS10914+, CTS10962+, CTS11557+, CTS11559+, CTS11579+, CTS11729+, CTS11732+, CTS119+, CTS124+, CTS12632+, CTS1446+, CTS1847+, CTS1878+, CTS1978+, CTS2075+, CTS2150+, CTS224+, CTS3046+, CTS3105+, CTS3250+, CTS3259+, CTS3262+, CTS3299+, CTS3334+, CTS3344+, CTS3425+, CTS3536+, CTS3576+, CTS3822+, CTS3868+, CTS3989+, CTS3996+, CTS4054+, CTS4350+, CTS4368+, CTS4408+, CTS4415+, CTS4437+, CTS4443+, CTS4547+, CTS4685+, CTS5038+, CTS5042+, CTS5316+, CTS5373+, CTS5404+, CTS5539+, CTS5572+, CTS5629+, CTS5884+, CTS6135+, CTS6180+, CTS6302+, CTS6319+, CTS6333+, CTS6474+, CTS6513+, CTS6842+, CTS7216+, CTS7305+, CTS7454+, CTS7641+, CTS7773+, CTS7913+, CTS8053+, CTS8068+, CTS8123+, CTS8294+, CTS8432+, CTS8443+, CTS8562+, CTS8900+, CTS8936+, CTS8947+, CTS905+, CTS9188+, CTS923+, CTS9338+, CTS9387+, CTS9768+, CTS9978+, F1365+, F1977+, F3170+, F986+, FGC10935+, FGC10937+, FGC10938+, FGC10939+, FGC10940+, FGC10941+, FGC10942+, FGC10943+, FGC10946+, FGC10948+, FGC10949+, FGC10951+, FGC10953+, FGC10955+, FGC10959+, FGC10961+, FGC10964+, FGC10967+, FGC10973+, FGC10974+, FGC10977+, FGC10978+, FGC10984+, FGC10986+, FGC10998+, FGC11012+, FGC11017+, FGC11021+, FGC11023+, FGC11024+, FGC11026+, FGC13222+, FGC24052+, FGC24053+, FGC24054+, FGC24055+, FGC24056+, FGC24058+, FGC24059+, FGC24060+, FGC32235+, FGC35962+, FGC39392+, HU89+, L136+, L339+, L433+, L485+, L488+, L489+, L491+, L494+, L499+, L501+, L504+, L507+, L512+, L514+, L537+, L608+, L610+, M145+, M168+, M180+, M191+, M2+, M203+, M291+, M294+, M299+, M40+, M42+, M4671+, M4696+, M4698+, M4700+, M4708+, M4719+, M4720+, M4732+, M4734+, M4738+, M4739+, M4740+, M4741+, M4744+, M4745+, M4746+, M4751+, M4752+, M4753+, M4755+, M4756+, M4757+, M4758+, M4761+, M4766+, M4767+, M4769+, M4772+, M4790+, M4887+, M4892+, M4893+, M4895+, M4898+, M4901+, M4902+, M4903+, M4909+, M4910+, M4911+, M4913+, M4914+, M4915+, M4917+, M4935+, M4936+, M4937+, M4939+, M4940+, M4942+, M4943+, M4946+, M4949+, M5441+, M5533+, M8944+, M9051+, M9052+, M9307+, M94+, M96+, P1+, P144+, P147+, P150+, P152+, P153+, P154+, P155+, P156+, P162+, P165+, P167+, P168+, P169+, P170+, P171+, P172+, P173+, P174+, P175+, P176+, P179+, P180+, P181+, P182+, P189+, P2+, P253+, P29+, P293+, PAGES00026+, PAGES00066+, PAGES00081+, PAGES00106+, PF1442+, PF1501+, PF1535+, PF1536+, PF1545+, PF1547+, PF1548+, PF1550+, PF1551+, PF1552+, PF1554+, PF1555+, PF1559+, PF1563+, PF1567+, PF1576+, PF1583+, PF1795+, PF1796+, PF1798+, PF1799+, PF1806+, PF1819+, PF1827+, PF1828+, PF1873+, PF1927+, S27734+, S27749+, U174+, U186+, V168+, V189+, V221+, V241+, V250+, V38+, V43+, V52+, V9+, Y10580+, Y6735+, YSC0000227+, Z1141+, Z1291+, Z15667+, Z1715+, Z22212+, Z22358+, Z22455+
358639 Hird Thomas Pratt, b. 1787 and d. 1861 G-CTS11562 CTS11562+, M342+, M201+, M278-, M283-, M3240-, M3302-, Z6638-, Z6673-, Z6748-, Z6753-, Z6764-, Z726-, Z727-, Z7940-, Z7943-, M377-, M406-, P15-, P287-, P303-, PF2411-, PF2822-, PF3143-, PF3146-, PF3148-, PF3222-, Z17780-, Z17887-, Z1817-, Z2003-, Z2017-, Z2022-, Z26414-, Z3428-, Z3571-, PF3245-, PF3252-, PF3293-, PF3316-, PF3345-, PF3359-, PF4202-, PF5721-, PF6858-, S10458-, S23438-, S2808-, Z16670-, Z16770-, Z16775-, CTS2080-, CTS3357-, CTS342-, CTS3647-, CTS4304-, CTS4803-, CTS5762-, CTS5990-, CTS6369-, CTS8450-, CTS8476-, CTS9737-, F1193-, F1300-, F1671-, F2572-, F2885-, F3170-, F3484-, FGC1048-, FGC1107-, FGC1160-, FGC12126-, FGC14522-, FGC2315-, FGC249-, FGC263-, FGC348-, FGC5081-, FGC5672-, FGC595-, FGC6669-, FGC693-, FGC719-, L1259-, L1263-, L1264-, L1266-, L13-, L1324-, L14-, L201-, L30-, L42-, L43-, L497-, L640-, L645-, L660-, L830-, L91-, Z17774*, Z479*, PF3239*, CTS11352*
651062 Barnett George Bernard b.1743 G-L1264 A5013+, BY11707+, BY11750+, BY18729+, BY22302+, BY27761+, BY3070+, CTS1013+, CTS10449+, CTS10721+, CTS11228+, CTS11324+, CTS11331+, CTS11463+, CTS11529+, CTS11911+, CTS1613+, CTS2125+, CTS2126+, CTS2251+, CTS2271+, CTS2488+, CTS2624+, CTS282+, CTS3654+, CTS373+, CTS424+, CTS4264+, CTS4368+, CTS4437+, CTS4479+, CTS4761+, CTS5317+, CTS5699+, CTS574+, CTS5884+, CTS6316+, CTS692+, CTS7269+, CTS7674+, CTS8717+, CTS946+, CTS9593+, CTS9885+, F1136+, F1209+, F1239+, F1329+, F1496+, F1554+, F1704+, F1714+, F1753+, F1767+, F1975+, F2048+, F2121+, F2142+, F2155+, F2301+, F2402+, F2587+, F2688+, F2837+, F2985+, F3070+, F3111+, F3136+, F3139+, F3198+, F3220+, F3226+, F3335+, F3556+, F3692+, F3734+, F4086+, F719+, F788+, FGC17059+, FGC21498+, FGC21500+, FGC21501+, FGC21503+, FGC21505+, FGC21507+, FGC21508+, FGC21510+, FGC21516+, FGC21519+, FGC21520+, FGC21522+, FGC21528+, FGC21529+, FGC21532+, FGC21534+, FGC21536+, FGC21537+, FGC21540+, FGC21541+, FGC5795+, L1090+, L116+, L1259+, L1264+, L1266+, L132+, L136+, L149+, L154+, L156+, L190+, L269+, L30+, L31+, L32+, L350+, L468+, L470+, L496+, L498+, L520+, L521+, L522+, L523+, L524+, L605+, L89+, M168+, M213+, M235+, M294+, M299+, M3468+, M3489+, M3569+, M3579+, M3598+, M42+, M89+, M94+, NIST1+, P133+, P134+, P135+, P136+, P138+, P139+, P14+, P140+, P141+, P143+, P145+, P146+, P148+, P149+, P15+, P151+, P157+, P158+, P159+, P160+, P161+, P163+, P166+, P187+, P257+, P287+, P303+, P316+, PAGES00026+, PAGES00081+, PAGES00094+, PAGES00098+, PF2591+, PF2608+, PF2611+, PF2615+, PF2745+, PF2747+, PF2748+, PF2749+, PF2770+, PF2785+, PF2805+, PF2844+, PF2857+, PF2859+, PF2860+, PF2861+, PF2865+, PF2866+, PF2867+, PF2868+, PF2869+, PF2871+, PF2872+, PF2876+, PF2877+, PF2878+, PF2879+, PF2880+, PF2881+, PF2884+, PF2888+, PF2889+, PF2891+, PF2898+, PF2909+, PF2910+, PF2918+, PF3007+, PF3052+, PF3053+, PF3056+, PF3060+, PF3061+, PF3063+, PF3066+, PF3068+, PF3069+, PF3073+, PF3075+, PF3076+, PF3080+, PF3119+, PF3123+, PF3125+, PF3254+, PF3276+, PF3278+, PF3281+, PF3329+, PF3330+, PF3331+, PF3337+, PF3339+, PF3342+, PF3345+, PF3346+, PF3561+, S10139+, S10642+, S10678+, S11286+, S11674+, S11817+, S12155+, S13716+, S14351+, S18054+, S19822+, S20142+, S21397+, S22673+, S24601+, S25468+, S26070+, S9288+, S9642+, SK1142+, SK1786+, U1+, U2+, U21+, V168+, V186+, V189+, V205+, V221+, V241+, V250+, V52+, V9+, Y12376+, Y12387+, Y12388+, Y20201+, Y298+, Y303+, Y307+, Y324+, Y332+, Y354+, Y359+, Y360+, Y380+, Y4922+, YSC0000227+, Z2065+, Z30374+, Z31449+, Z3238+, Z3477+, Z3481+, Z3482+, Z3485+, Z3487+, Z6292+, Z6390+, Z6392+, Z6472+, Z6779+
314180 Roach Joseph Salonis Roach/Rotch, b. 1840 and d. 1881 G-M201 M201+
175466 Barnett   G-M201  
249820 private B*, c1730, Wiltshire, England I-CTS1977 CTS1977+
227697 Faylor   I-M170 M170+, M223-, P37-
154079 Barnard Elisha Barnard, b.c. 1762, Sumner Co, TN I-M170 M170+
H1187 Barnard Thomas Barnard, b.c. 1790, UK I-M170 M170+, M223-, M253-, P37-
N60345 Barnett   I-M223  
N9870 Burnett Richard Burnett, b. 1730, Virginia I-M223 P19+
143926 Barnett Isaac Barnett I-M223  
128543 Norris James Norris d. abt 1781 in Johnston Co., NC I-M223  
175290 Barnett   I-M223  
47990 Barnett   I-M223  
54576 Barnard William Barnard b NY1836, d Brooklyn1890 I-M253  
285378 Barnett William George Barnett b. 1775 and d. 1818 I-M253  
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