The Baltic Sea DNA Project - Results

After a first analysis of the BigY program results (up till now less than half of participants have received their results ) we are now able to confirm that what was postulated about a Finland subclade within the Baltic N1c-L1025 clade does really exist. After an analysis of results of 3 kits, #262236 Keskitalo, #113355 Tawast and #149374 Raiha, a new discovered SNP are detected as common for all those 3 persons, and only for those SNP:
Position Reference Genotype Confidence
14828233 C T High
15055448 G C High
16175412 C T High
17757862 C T High
and we can extend the proposal to add a fourth Finnish subclade N1c-L1025 N1c1a1a1a1 according to the ISOGG classification.
Internal structure of N1c-L1025+ sub-branches is under observation due to the fact that further results of BigY program are still to come.

There is now strong evidence that first split of L1025 clade was on Finnish and non-Finnish branches. This is indicated by the return mutation at position 23728337 in Finnish branch, where all the rest of N1C1 L1026+ descendants have a G->T at this position.

Stanislaw J. Plewako


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An Advanced STR marker DYF399X has been determined (it is a STR locus that can be used to observe deletions and recombinational rearrangements in the palindromic region of the Y chromosome) for 4 descendants (names in blue) of Giedymin - Grand Duke of Lithuania (died 1341) N1c1a1a1a1a (N1c-L1025&L551) Haplotype
This marker is valuable in few hundred years genealogy. Next 4 results from this subclade have been determinated in Baltic Sea DNA Project
There are results of DYF399X testing in 8 of 25 kits, proven for L551+ SNP:

N1c1a1a1a1*(N1c-L1025) subclade
Finland Balts Cluster
kit 113355 22.1t  22.1t Tawast   (2013-06-12)
kit 121499 22.1t  22.1t Tawast   (2013-07-03)
kit 120671 22.1t  22.1t Tawast   (2013-07-03)
kit 272510 23.1t  23.1t Pietilä     (2013-07-03)
kit 149374 22.1t  22.1t Räihä     (2013-07-04)
kit 227167 22.1t  22.1t Räihä     (2013-07-04)
kit 136290 22.1t  22.1t Räihä     (2013-07-04)
kit 262236 22.1t  22.1t Persson  (2013-07-04)
kit 222699 22.1t  22.1t Niemi      (2013-07-23)
Western Balts Cluster
kit 190630 26.1t  26.1t  Chylinski
kit 175141 
25.1c 25.1t  Dunkel       (2013-07-24)
kit 175032 25.1t  25.1t  Dunkel       (2013-10-19)
kit 145475 23.1t  25.1t  Melnyk       (2013-10-19)
Eastern Balts Cluster
N1c1a1a1a1a (L550+ L1025+ L551+) subclade
kit 132895
23.1t  23.1t Khovanskii  (2012-02-23)
kit 133144
24.1t  24.1t Chertorisky (2012-02-02)
kit 160454
24.1t  24.1t Golitsin         (2012-02-23)     
kit 241252 24.1t  24.1t Eidschun      (2013-03-27)
kit 241253
24.1t  24.1t Eidžiūnas      (2013-03-27)
kit 247362
24.1t  25.1t Idszuns         (2013-03-27)
kit 158600
25.1t  25.1t Trubetskoy   (2012-02-23)
kit 251247
28.1t  28.1t Szafkowski  (2012-11-14)

N1c1a1a1a* L550+ clade cluster L1025-
In Baltic Sea DNA Project we have in this clade such result:
kit N86056  27.1t  27.1t Pirttivaara      (2013-06-12)
kit 212793  27.1t  27.1t Pirttivaara      (2013-07-03)
kit 236032  26.1t  26.1t Liukko            (2013-07-04)
kit 217193  26.1t  26.1t McLelland       (2013-07-26)

N1c1 other results from Baltic Sea DNA Project
kit N3027 
26.1t  26.1t  Vähä-Seifväs   (2013-07-24)

kit 216264 29.1t  29.1t  Hirvikorpi   (2013-07-04) L1022+ clade
kit  13592  27.1t  27.1t Taimi          (2013-07-03) L1022+ clade

kit 274226 24.1t  25.1t  Koskinen    (2013-07-04) Z1935+ clade
kit 274226 24.1t  25.1t  Malmgren   (2013-12-14) Z1936+ clade
kit  91729  24.1t  24.1t  Lukkarila  (2013-07-24)

For comparing please refer results of DYF399X testing of an asymmetric three allele STR locus
in I2a1b3a L621+ L147+ subclade listed in Plewako Y-DNA Project

From I haplogroup results available in Baltic Sea DNA Project:
kit 131251 21t-22c-23c Plewako Stanislaw Jan  (2011-03-22)
I2a1b3a L621+ L147+ subclade
kit 156366 21t-22c-23c Plewako Damian     (2012-04-05)   I2a1b3a L621+ L147+ subclade
kit 145940 20t-22c-23c Wisniewski  (2012-11-22)  I2a1b3a L621+ L147+ subclade
kit 192628
21c-21c-26c Albertinasson             (2013-07-04) I1d3a subclade
kit N34884 23c-23c-23t Collandert   (2009-01-16) I1d1 subclade

Stanislaw J. Plewako

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Very interesting conclusions can be made after analysing the results of participants within the Baltic Sea DNA Project and their participation
within The Genographic Project by National Geographic. Here is an analysis for the N1c1-L1025+ participants and their results

As can be seen Geno2.0 comparison shows ISOGG subclades L551+ and L591+.
YSC000292 is still good candidate for new tribal find.
Solitary mutations have occurred and while F287, FP112, PF5535 and L226 seem to be unsteady.
as well Z1890, but we have already two matches.   
F3515 proved to be Private.

STR analysis in known genealogical trees

Visualisation and further analysis of the order of creation STR mutations is important for our understanding of differentiation of branches human family tree, and finally - our families. Here are two schemas such families, deducted from data presented on Y-DNA Colorized Chart

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