Worsham Surname DNA Project - News

Started 10 December 2005
Anybody may donate to this General Fund. The Administrator will authorize use of funds for various reasons.

The Worsham Family Genealogy site may be accessed at the following link:

Worsham/Washam DNA data is sumarized at:

The results will be updated as soon as results are returned from the lab.

TO GET THE MOST OUT OF YOUR DNA PROJECT:-- You should update your PERSONAL PAGE by logging in on Family Trees DNA Home Page.
Then type the appropriated information in the following blocks:
- Kit Number
- Password.
- Click on Submit.

Then on your Personal Page:
-- Click on Setup Preferences.

To Setup Preference page:
-- click on box - "I want my matches to be set against the entire database".
-- To Display Matches: Check all three boxes (12, 25, & 37 marker matches).

To Displaying the Most Distance Known Ancestor:
-- Fill in Paternal Side (father or grandfather's name, b. date, d. date, and place of each).
-- Fill in Maternal Side blank (mother or grandmother's name, b. date, d. date and place of each).

Go to your Personal Page and click on "GEDCOM - Family Tree".
-- Upload your GEDCOM file using the upload instructions.

NOTE: your GEDCOM will be able to be viewed only by you, your Group Administrator - if you are part of a Surname Project - and those that have matches with you.

NOTE; Please add your Y-DNA results at www.Ysearch.org, the FTDNA sponsored public database. When going to the Y-DNA Matches tab on your personal page, you will see an explanation and a link for the upload.

So be sure to upload your results to Ysearch and search for Genetic cousins.

Adding members from other labs: At the request of many group administrators, we have agreed to offer a below cost set of tests to allow people that have tested with other labs to get tested with Family Tree DNA and be included in your Surname Project. The new participant will have to fill this LAB CONVERSION FORM and send it back to our office .This offer is valid until 3/31/07.