The WELLS Surname DNA Project- Background



Welles, Wells


~~~~~~~~Exploring the Mysteries - Exploding the Myths~~~~~~~~ Welcome to the DNA Project for Wells. We are using DNA to further our understanding and genealogical research of Wells family history for all Wells lineages including the variant spellings.*Our Project is global. Wells are located throughout the United States, Australia, New Zealand, and the British Isles. Many of our American Wells have African origins. We invite all Wells to participate and represent their family tree. *DNA is taking us where the paper trail can't. We are breaking down our research brick walls. *Please click the Request to Join button in the upper left-hand corner of this page to order your Kit. Pricing and payment options will also be explained. I encourage testers to order the 37 marker test to provide the most accurate results of finding the most recent common Wells ancestor between testers. *Only males carrying the name of Wells can test. A Y-DNA test kit will only provide Y-DNA information on your outside paternal line. If your Wells ancestry was introduced through a female Wells a Y-DNA test will not identify your Wells ancestry. Females wishing to test their male Wells line need to ask a brother, uncle, father, or appropriate male Wells cousin. *Other information regarding our Project can be found by clicking on the various links and tabs across the top and left sidebars of this message.*If you are not eligible to take the the test but would like to help keep the Wells DNA project a success, please consider contributing to the Wells DNA project fund. Funds are used solely to provide scholarships for the project. Please use the link on the upper left hand side of this message. My name is Cynthia Wells and I am very enthusiastic about this Project and working with Wells testers and researchers as Wells DNA Group Administrator. My husband descends from the Rutherford Co., NC Wells. I am a member of ISOGG [International Society of Genetic Genealogists] and their regional coordinator/speaker for the Western and Piedmont areas of North Carolina. DON'T FORGET TO BOOKMARK OUR DNA PROJECT PAGE!

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