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Ace, Addie, Adey, Alban, Allan, Allen, Allin, Anwyl, Athay, Aubery, Aubray, Aubrey, Awbrey, Bach, Badam, Badham, Banham, Banion, Banman, Bannan, Bannon, Barry, Bath, Batha, Baughn, Bawen, Bawn, Bayliss, Baymon, Baynham, Beddis, Beddoes, Beddow, Beedle, Beinon, Bellis, Belt, Benbough, Benbow, Bendbowe, Bengough, Bennet, Bennion, Bethell, Bettis, Bevan, Bevin, Beynam, Beynon, Binnell, Binner, Bithell, Bivin, Blaeny, Blayney, Bolver, Bonner, Bowdler, Bowen, Bown, Brees, Breese, Breeze, Bryse, Bryste, Buallt, Buddyr, Budu, Buelth, Builth, Bulkeley, Bumfrey, Bumphrey, Bunna, Bunnell, Bunner, Bunyan, Bychan, Bydder, Byddir, Bythell, Byther, Caddick, Caddock, Cadogan, Cadwalader, Cadwaladr, Cadwalder, Cadwaldr, Cadwallader, Cadwgan, Cam, Canton, Cardiff, Cardigan, Carew, Coffin, Connah, Connick, Craddock, Creese, Crichard, Crowther, Crunn, Cuffin, Cunnah, Cunnick, Dakin, David, Davies, Davis, Dawe, Dawes, Dawkins, Dawson, Devenald, Devonald, Dew, Dicks, Dodd, Duggan, Dyas, Dykins, Eathel, Edmunds, Edward, Edwards, Egue, Einion, Einon, Elis, Elisedd, Eliza, Ellice, Ellis, Ellisa, Emment, Emont, Enian, Ethell, Evan, Evans, Eynon, Fenn, Fenna, Fennah, Fenner, Ffoulkes, Ffowkes, Flello, Flellos, Flood, Floyd, Foel, Folant, Folland, Foulkes, Francis, Fuge, Fulk, Fychan, Games, Gardarn, Geonor, Gethin, Gibby, Gittah, Gittings, Gittins, Gittoes, Goch, Godwin, Gof, Goff, Gogh, Gooch, Goodge, Goodin, Goodwin, Goodwyn, Goudge, Gough, Griffies, Griffin, Griffis, Griffith, Griffiths, Grippiud, Gronow, Gronw, Gruffudd, Gruffydd, Gtuo, Gudwgan, Guilielm, Gullam, Gutyn, Guyther, Gwalchmai, Gwallter, Gwaren, Gwgan, Gwilliam, Gwilt, Gwilym, Gwinnett, Gwyn, Gwynett, Gwynn, Gwynne, Gwyther, Gynne, Hael, Haines, Harrhy, Harries, Harris, Harry, Havard, Haward, Heilyn, Helis, Hendry, Henry, Herbert, Herward, Heylyn, Hier, Hillin, Hilling, Hire, Hodgkin, Hoel, Hoell, Hoesgyn, Hoiskin, Holl, Hopkin, Hoskins, Hoskyn, Hoskyns, Howard, Howel, Howell, Howells, Howes, Hugh, Hughes, Hullin, Humphreys, Hussey, Huws, Hyer, Hyr, Hywel, Iago, Iefan, Ieuan, Ifan, Ifor, Inions, Iorwerth, Ithael, Ithel, Ithell, James, Jankin, Jarman, Jeavince, Jeavons, Jenkins, Jenner, Jermin, Jermyn, Jermyne, Jevons, Jimmerson, John, Jones, Kendrick, Lacharn, Lagham, Lagharn, Landeg, Laugharne, Lello, Lewelin, Lewhellin, Lewis, Lewys, Ley, Leyshon, Llewelin, Lleweling, Llewellin, Llewellyn, Llewelyn, Llewhellin, Llewhelling, Llewlling, Lloyd, Llwchwr, Llwd, Llywarch, Locker, Lougher, Loyd, Mabe, Maddock, Maddocks, Maddox, Maddy, Madock, Madog, Maredith, Mathew, Mathews, Mathias, Matthew, Matthews, Maurice, Meredith, Meridith, Merrick, Meyrick, Miles, Miller, Mills, Morgan, Morris, Morse, Mortimer, Mostyn, Nanney, Narber, Narbertt, Narbett, Oliver, Onion, Onions, Oskins, Owain, Owen, Palin, Parry, Paskin, Pendry, Penn, Penry, Phenna, Phennah, Picton, Poiskin, Popkin, Popkins, Powell, Preddy, Predith, Preece, Price, Prichard, Pritchard, Probart, Probert, Probyn, Prodger, Propert, Prosser, Prothero, Prydderch, Pugh, Pumphrey, Pumphreys, Rees, Reese, Resius, Rheseus, Rhydderch, Rhys, Rice, Riceus, Richard, Richards, Robert, Roberts, Robin, Roblin, Roch, Roger, Rogers, Roppert, Rosier, Rosser, Rothero, Rowland, Rowlands, Ruddock, Ruddz, Ruther, Saer, Saies, Saise, Sayce, Says, Sayse, Seisyll, Seys, Shone, Talacharn, Tanad, Tanat, Tannatt, Teage, Tegg, Tew, Tewdor, Thomas, Tither, Treham, Trevor, Trewent, Tuder, Tudor, Vaughan, Voil, Voiles, Volk, Vowell, Voyle, Voyles, Wagan, Wales, Walliter, Walsh, Wat, Welch, Wellin, Welling, Wellins, Welsh, Whalon, Wiles, Wilks, Williams, Willis, Withers, Wogan, Woggon, Woogan, Wynn, Wynne, Yarwood, Yorath





Having your surname listed here is NOT proof of Welsh ancestry! Conversely, if your surname is not listed, but you've proven your DNA line back to Wales, you may still join this project.

The surname list above is by no means exhaustive! We have included many pre-1066 names, considered to be Celtic or Roman. Afterwards, there was the Norman, and of course English influence. From many of the surnames, several variations were derived. If you don't see your surname, PLEASE request to have us add it, IF your family has a DOCUMENTED history in Wales before 1800.

Due to the importance of determining the genetic profile of the indigenous populations of the British Isles, The Wales/Cymru DNA Project will attempt to collect the DNA haplotypes of as many persons as possible who can trace their Y chromosome and/or mtDNA lines to Wales; the reasoning by many researchers being that there was less genetic replacement from invaders in Wales than elsewhere, excepting small inaccessable islands and similar locales.

Tradition among historians holds that the Celts retreated as far west into Wales as possible to escape invading populations. This project seeks to determine the validity of that theory.

This project is open to descendants who have a DIRECT Y-DNA (DIRECT PATERNAL LINE) or a DIRECT mtDNA ancestor (DIRECT MATERNAL LINE) from anywhere in Wales.  We also accept Cornwall, and English areas bordering present day Wales.

We hope once we have enough members, that there will be a special grouping for the descendants of the Marcher Lords. If you descend from a Marcher Lord, please indicate this in your request to join the Project.

Wales_Cymru DNA Project Members:
We have 572 members as of 7 September 2013.
We have 450 members as of 13 August 2011.
We have 418 members as of 23 September 2010. NOTE: The drop in membership from 433 in February is due to many members dropping out who did not have proven Welsh DNA ancestry.
We have 433 members as of 25 February 2010.
We have 422 members as of 4 December 2009.
We have 401 members as of 4 September 2009.
We have 388 members as of 19 August 2009.
We have 362 members as of 09 June 2009.
We have 349 members as of 20 April 2009.
We have 334 members as of 17 March 2009.
We have 253 members as of 26 July 2008.
We have 100 members as of 31 March 2007 (a little over three months after the project was started!).

To access the DNA results, click on Y-DNA Results or mtDNA Results using the drop-down menu.

If you have already tested at Family Tree DNA as part of a surname group, it is very easy (and free) to join this group. Your results will appear in BOTH/ALL projects! You can belong to two (or more) projects. There is a button on your personal myFTDNA page to click on to do this. Just request to join Wales_Cymru, and give us a little information about your Welsh ancestor(s). There are no additional fees to join another FTDNA project!

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DISCUSSION GROUP: Join the discussion of the Wales_Cymru DNA Project at Yahoo Groups: Click here
Please Note:

NEWS: An effort is underway by a non-profit organization, the Lost Colony of Roanoke DNA Project, to locate the descendants of any surviors. A multi-disciplined attempt is ongoing using historical records, migration patterns, oral histories and the latest scientific archaeological tools of the 21st century, including DNA. David Beers Quinn, one of the most imminent Lost Colony experts stated in his book, Roanoke Voyages, that some of John White's colonists were Welsh. Those who are interested in comparing DNA results may click here to do so: Y Results  Individuals whose maternal or paternal line includes people who might be either Lost Colonists or of native descent from this area of North Carolina are encouraged to join the Lost Colony DNA project at : Lost Colony DNA Project  News from the Lost Colony research including a list of surnames of interest can be found here: Searching for the Lost Colony Blog 

General Fund

Current balance: $142.80

Type Amount Date Donor Note KitNum Donation Type
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Credit $1.00 12/2/2013 Attention: Those Who Are R-L371 Will Share BIG Y & FULL GENOME Results With Other R-L371. Email   Individual
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