Voyles Family DNA Project - Results

To date, we have had representatives of the Jacob Voils/William Voils and the Jacob Voils/Thomas Voils lines test with a 100% match. Participants who believe they are descended from John Voyles, third son of Jacob Voils, have also tested and match 100%. To date, no mutations have been detected that would allow us to separate the various lines.

The participants who can trace their lineage into East Tennessee in the 1830's but no further have not matched with any of the other participants to date. However, one of the participants has discovered that his Voiles line, originating in Greene County, Tennessee, is actually an Aarons line - matching a South Carolina Arons line 36 for 37 markers. This DNA result was confirmed through certain Civil War Pension papers that reveal the informal adoption of at least one Arons child by a Voiles/Viles male. This child took the Voiles surname and used it instead of the Arons surname.