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Vails, Vials, Viles, Voiles, Voils, Vowel, Vowell, Vowells, Vowels, Vowles, Voyles


The majority of the individuals in the United States bearing the surname Voyles are thought to be descendants of Jacob Voyles. Jacob Voyles and his four sons, William, Thomas, John and James, came to the United States from Wales in 1754. The four sons of Jacob originally settled in North Carolina and South Carolina. Their descendants later settled in Indiana, Kentucky, Illinois and Tennessee, as well as many southern states. Some researchers have speculated that certain Voyles’ lines coming out of Tennessee may actually be members of the Vowell family of Virginia, although DNA tests to date have not validated that theory.   

The Voyles surname was been spelled in many ways, including Voiles, Voils, Viles, Viols, Vials and Vales.

It is unknown whether the Viles lines coming out of the northeastern United States are related to the Jacob Voyles line which originated in Wales.

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