Urquhart Surname DNA Project - mtDNA Test Results for Members

The table below shows each project member's kit number and their tested mitochondrial DNA (mtDNA) results. According to the project's settings, it may also display the most distantly known ancestor of each project member. Following scientific standards, Family Tree DNA compares all mtDNA results to the RSRS. The most distant common maternal ancestor to all people alive today as well as several ancient humanoids are the basis for the RSRS. Thus, a comparison to this reference reveals clearly the path between each person and our shared maternal ancestor. In general, those who share the same direct maternal ancestor within the last fifteen generations should have mtDNA results that match exactly.
You may learn more about mtDNA on the Understanding mtDNA Results learning page.

Kit Number Maternal Ancestor Name Haplogroup HVR1 Mutations HVR2 Mutations
N84607 Mary Jane Burgess, Georgia, U.S. H A16129G, T16187C, C16189T, T16223C, G16230A, T16278C, C16291T, C16311T, C16519T  
27331 Mary Garside, b 11 Apr 1773 Huddersfield Yorks H1c3 A16129G, T16187C, C16189T, T16223C, G16230A, T16278C, C16311T G73A, C146T, C152T, A247G, A257G, T477C, 522.1A, 522.2C, 309.1C, 309.2C, 315.1C
320628 Theresa Baumann, Austria/Hungary to PA to CT HV0d A16129G, T16187C, C16189T, T16223C, G16230A, T16278C, T16298C, C16311T, C16519T T72C, G73A, C152T, A247G, 522.1A, 522.2C, 315.1C
234140   I1a1 T16172C, T16187C, C16189T, G16230A, T16278C, G16391A C146T, C152T, C195T, T199C, G203A, T204C, A247G, T250C, 315.1C, 455.1T, 573.1C, 573.2C
281453 Margaret Milne, b. Bef. 1750 J1c7a C16069T, T16126C, A16129G, T16187C, C16189T, T16223C, G16230A, C16261T, T16278C, C16311T, C16519T C146T, C152T, G185A, C195T, A247G, C295T, C462T, T489C, 522.1A, 522.2C, 309.1C, 315.1C
344820 Manda Allen b 1836 Virginia Rudolph Urquhart L3e3 A16129G, T16187C, C16189T, G16230A, A16265t, T16278C, C16311T C146T, C150T, C152T, A247G, 315.1C
B9978 Catherine A Walker, b. 1853 T2a1a2 T16126C, A16129G, T16187C, C16189T, T16223C, G16230A, T16278C, C16294T, C16296T, C16311T C146T, C152T, C195T, A247G, 522.1A, 522.2C, 315.1C
243531 Keziah Wilson, b. 1780 and d. 1859 U2e1d A16051G, A16129c, A16182c, A16183c, T16187C, T16223C, G16230A, T16278C, C16311T, T16362C C146T, C195T, T217C, A247G, C340T, A508G, 522.1A, 522.2C, 309.1C, 309.2C, 315.1C, 522.3A, 522.4C
145534 Mary Dolly Perdue, b.1782 and d. 1846 U4c1a A16129G, C16179T, T16187C, C16189T, T16223C, G16230A, T16278C, C16311T, T16356C C146T, C150T, C152T, A247G, G499A, 522.1A, 522.2C, 309.1C, 315.1C, 522.3A, 522.4C, 522.5A, 522.6C, 522.7A, 522.8C
109929 Elizabeth McDonald, 1850s, Falmouth, Nova Scotia U5 A16129G, T16187C, C16192T, T16223C, G16230A, C16270T, T16278C, G16398A, C16519T  
269747 Eliza Hodge b 1815 and d 1897 U5b1c1a A16129G, T16187C, T16223C, G16230A, C16234T, C16270T, T16278C, G16336A, C16519T T55a, C146T, C150T, C152T, C195T, A247G, 522.1A, 522.2C, 309.1C, 315.1C
114367 Ellen Walsh W A16129G, T16187C, C16189T, G16230A, T16278C, C16292T, C16311T T10C, C146T, A189G, C194T, T204C, G207A, A247G, 522.1A, 522.2C, 309.1C, 315.1C