SUTTON DNA Project - Results

DNA results of participants in this international project reveal both matching and independent lines. These family lines are found in Canada, Europe, New Zealand, South Africa and the United States and include Haplogroups E1b1 (formerly E3), G, I, O, R1a and R1b.

Among our patriarchs are:
Charles Sutton bc1808 Kent?,UK
Charles Sutton b 1725 NJ d c1769 SC < >
Frederick Sutton md Harriet Delphy
James Sutton b bef 1650
James Sutton,b1718 Lancashire,UK < >
John Sutton - first born Sutton of Dudley Castle, Staffordshire, England Sutton-Dudley-De Clonard of England, Spain and France
Samuel Sutton b c1772 NJ
Thomas Sutton b1818 UK d New Zealand < >
William Sutton 1641 MA-1718 NJ < >
William Sutton b1797 PA
John Neville bc1855 ?UK/Ireland? md Mary Dunne< >