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Welcome Letter From Hec Stolz

28th September 2007

Greetings Folks,

Hector Stolz here from the Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia. I was 87 years of age last birthday - only a spring chicken so I am told.

Over the past 10 years my two nieces (administrators of this site) have been hounding me with questions regarding our ancestors as I am sure you do your Family.

Did other family stay behind? Did others emigrate to other Countries? Did any come to South Australia or go to the USA? Was Grandfather writing to anyone in Germany????? In the hope of a reprieve and running out of answers I gave them what I thought would be an Impossible Task!!!

Grant My Life Long Wish to meet a LIVING RELATIVE from another branch of the Family anywhere in the World." I thought that would stump them.

BUT NO! Guess What??? Here we are now with our very own Stolz Worldwide Web Site for the exchanging of Information and if that is not enough they talked me into taking the test for a new Y-DNA Project and tell me they plan to add the mt-DNA line of the Family very shortly. I am left wondering if anything will stop them.

With everything that is happening though, I must admit my life has a whole new direction and I find myself caught up in the excitement waiting for the call that says, "FOUND THEM".

Allie and I would love you to join us in this exciting venture. So if you feel that your Family could have a connection directly or indirectly with any of the Stolz, Langhammer, Klingberg or Zimmer Families around the world or any of the other Families from our Homepage Register Now.

On behalf of Allie, the Girls and Myself I would like to take this opportunity to Welcome you Aboard and even if you are not one of our direct line I hope we can help you also find your Family.

Kindest Regards

Hec Stolz

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