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There is some circumstancial evidence that the John Stamper descendants could be descendant's of the Lost Colony survivors. There are 168 names of interest to the Lost Colony DNA Project. Brooks and Mayo are on the short list of some 15 highly sought after names. Carrow is considered very important and many researchers believe Carew was the surname of John Stamper's wife, mother of Powell. And Powell is yet another name of interest. It is very interesting history however it turns out. If you want to read more about it, including the names of interest, go here: Searching for the Lost Colony Blog. Go here to read about the Carrow/Carey surname. Announcing new administrators for the Stamper DNA Project!--3/7/2007 The Stamper DNA Project is now underway. As of this moment, six Stamper participants have been tested. An additional five other Stampers have been tested, but have not yet joined this project. The Stamper DNA Project now has another website. Please visit it at:

By setting up a Family Reconstruction Project at Family Tree DNA, the Stamper DNA Project Group is taking advantage of a substantial group discount. It also allows us access to the test results, so we can see whether each of the Stamper lines is related (or not related) to one another.
New Pricing Structure: Y-DNA12 $99 (£53.96) Y-DNA25 $148 Y-DNA37 $189 Y-DNA67 $269 Y-Refine 12 to 25 $49 Y-Refine 12 to 37 $99 Y-Refine 12 to 67 $189 Y-Refine 25 to 37 $49 Y-Refine 25 to 67 $148 Y-Refine 37 to 67 $99 Y-DNA12 + mtDNA $199 Y-DNA37 + mtDNAPlus $339 Y-DNA67 + mtDNAPlus $409

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The Stamper DNA Project is not connected in any way to any other DNA testing company other than Family Tree DNA of Houston, TX. Neither does this project nor do the administrators receive any financial incentives for using this company. An ancestral chart is required for participation in this group study in order to obtain the group reduced rate. There are no fees other than the cost of your test.