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Highsmith, Nesmith, Schmidt, Schmitt, Smidt, Smith, Smithe, Smither, Smithers, Smithey, Smithhart, Smiths, Smithson, Smithy, Smitt, Smyth, Smythe


Smiths Official DNA Project  is the official  FamilyTreeDNA project for ALL Smiths, regardless of geographical location, so that all Smiths may compare markers. DNA information is listed here - and family/pedigree/photo/census information is here.


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JOIN The SMITH OFFICIAL DNA PROJECT - Click here to join  Smiths Official DNA Project if you want to be able to compare your Smiths markers with EVERY Smith everywhere regardless of location.

This is the Smith Official DNA (ALL Locations) Project. Please note that all members previously included in 3 major regional projects, Southern Smiths DNA, Northeastern Smiths (NE) (now known as regional northeastern project SmithConnections-NE*), and Worldwide Smiths members have been rolled into one master project that covers all Smiths regardless of geographical location in the world. (Smith Connections-NE (for Northeastern) continues as well as a strictly regional project that covers specific northeastern states in the United States, such as Massachusetts; if you are not from these states, you have no reason to belong to that project and remember we include those locations as well.). Therefore, Smiths Official All  DNA project is a huge project (over 1960 members with 190 groups that match) comprised of all Smiths that covers all territory in the world. Marie, Deb, Ginny, David and Eric administrators of the Smiths Official DNA Project, with additional volunteer help from Gary and Loretta. The Smith Official All DNA FTDNA website is here and the official website for all Smiths, for the Smith Official DNA Project is here, at

We welcome any Smith, Smyth, Smythe, Schmidt, Smiths, Smitt, Smidt or any other variation of the Smith surname. The project covers all of the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Europe, Africa, Australia, New Zealand, South America, Asia and all points in between.Any test-taking participant must always be a MALE who either (1) descends in an unbroken male-to-male line from a Smith-surnamed male ancestor (including variant surnames) or who (2) has reason to believe he descends from such an ancestor. Females don't carry the type of DNA, yDNA, needed for testing in this. However, females are warmly invited to have a male Smith in their line take the test as their representative. Locations included in the United States are ALL states. AL(Alabama), Alaska (AK), American Samoa, AZ (Arizona), AR (Arkansas), CA (California), CO (Colorado), CT (Connecticut), DE (Delaware), DC (District of Columbia), FL (Florida), GA (Georgia), Guam, HI(Hawaii), ID (Idaho), Illinois (IL) IN (Indiana), IA (Iowa), KS (Kansas), KY (Kentucky), LA (Louisiana), ME (Maine), MD (Maryland), MA (Massachusetts), MI (Michigan), MN (Minnesota), MS (Mississippi), MT (Montana), MO (Missouri), NE (Nebraska), NV (Nevada), NH (New Hampshire), NJ (New Jersey), NM (New Mexico), NY (New York), NC (North Carolina), ND (North Dakota), Northern Marianas Islands, OH (Ohio), OK(Oklahoma), OR (Oregon), PA (Pennsylvania), Puerto Rico, RI (Rhode Island), SC (South Carolina), SD (South Dakota), TN (Tennessee), TX (Texas), UT (Utah), VT (Vermont), Other locations include ALL countries in every part of the world.

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Pricing for the Smiths Official DNA (All Locations) Project(check in News section for special promotions)

Y-DNA 25 markers $124 (+ $4 postage)
Y-DNA37 markers $149 (+ $4 postage)
Y-DNA67 markers $239 (+ $4 postage)


Y-Refine25 to 37 $49.00(+ $4 postage)
Y-Refine25 to 67 $148.00
(+ $4 postage)


You may join with 12 markers, but should realize that 12 markers give very little information except for haplogroup and are not enough to allow for meaningful matching. Especially for the SMITHS project, you should expect that if you start with 12 markers, you will want to upgrade to at least 25 at some point.

Results are stored for 25 years, so additional testing can be ordered at some time in the future.

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