Slaughter Surname DNA Project - Results

Project participants who have submitted a pedigree and given permission to have it posted here, are listed below by Group Match and kit number. DNA result Alleles are posted in Y-DNA RESULTS.


KITS 9639 & 9640 Contact: Gini James
DNA participants descended from:
1. John Slaughter-Frances Brothers
2. John Slaughter, Jr.-Elizabeth (Betsy) Sayers
3. Rev. Rainey Shatteen Slaughter - Catherine Bridges Sumners

KIT 9440 Contact Bill Nash
DNA participant descended from:
1. John Slaughter, Sr. - Frances Brothers
2. John Slaughter, Jr. - Elizabeth (Betsy) Sayers

KIT 11582 contact email: Jim Slaughter
descended from:
1. John Slaughter-Francis Brothers
2. Beverly Slaughter - Susannah Kimbrough
3. Dr Thomas Kimbrough Slaughter-Thursa Msgruder
4. Thomas Hilliard Slaughter-b 1836 Brooks Co GA d 16-12-1913 Married Virginia (Jennie) Powell 1860,Thomas Co Ga. d ?
5. Edwin George Slaughter- B 1869 d 1938 Married Mary Jane Taylor b 11-4-1879 d 11-12-44.
6. Hershel Slaughter-b. 1919 d. Nov 1980 Married Laura Mae Bohannon b 1922 d 1998.

KIT 428339  Contact Phyllis Franklin, e-mail:
DNA Participant descended from:
Ezekiel Slaughter  1726-1792
Reuben Slaughter, Sr  1766-1846
Reuben Slaughter, Jr 1805-1831
William Slaughter  1827-1903
Charlie Slaughter 1865-1948
Charles Frank Slaughter, Sr. 1895-1977
DNA Participant

Kit 521033   Victor Slaughter,  contact e-mail:
descended from:
1. John Slaughter – b. 1735 Virginia d. 1798 Greene Co., GA
            m. Frances Brothers
2. Henry Slaughter – b. 20 Mar 1776, Cumberland Landing, New Kent Co., VA
                                 d. 17 Oct 1817, Jasper Co., GA
            m. Frances Kimbrough
3. William Allen Slaughter – b. 22 May 1813, Georgia d. 1896, Prairie Springs, Van Zandt Co., TX
            m. Sarah Jane Wise
4. Henry H. Slaughter – b. 9 Mar 1852, Georgia d. 24 Feb. 1892, Van Zandt Co., TX
            m. Zelphia Faulk
5. William Penn Slaughter – b. 14 Nov 1875, Van Zandt Co., TX d. 2 Feb 1965, Denver, CO
            m. Mahala Gertrude Hardegree
6. Howard C. Slaughter – b. 24 Sept 1905, Ben Wheeler, Van Zandt Co., TX
                                        d. 5 Apr 1990, Colorado
7. DNA Participant


KIT 10442 descended from:
1. Edward Slaughter
2. William Slaughter born Abt. 1695 in Charles City, VA., and died in Unk. He married ?? OWEN Abt. 1722 in VA.
3. Owen Slaughter Sr. b. Abt. 1740, Nancemond Co., VA; d. 1811, Richmond Co, NC.
4. Owen Slaughter II
5. Owen Slaughter III

KIT 11990 contact: E mail: William Slaughter
descended from:
1. Owen Slaughter, Sr.
2. Rev. Owen Slaughter, Jr.
3. Daniel McDonald Slaughter
4. John Thomas Slaughter
5. John Mack Slaughter
6. William Oscar Slaughter
7. Ralph Slaughter

KIT 9442 descended from:
1. William Slaughter (not absolutely positive on this one) b. about 1695 probably in Charles City, Virginia d. unknown
2. Owen Slaughter, Sr. b. 1736 in Prince George Co., VA or Nansemond, VA (?) d. 1811 in Richmond County, North Carolina
3. Owen Slaughter, Jr. b. about 1760 in Anson County, North Carolina d. 2/3/1830 in Richmond, Virginia
4. Daniel McDonald Slaughter b. 11/1/1788 in Richmond County, North Carolina d. 12/4/1884 in Fayetteville, Washington County, Arkansas
5. Owen David Slaughter b. 4/14/1830 in Richmond County, North Carolina d. 12/27/1907 in Washington County, Arkansas


KIT 9441 contact email: Garey Slaughter
descended from:
1. Robert Slaughter b: 1671 in England d: 1726 in Essex Co., Va +Frances Ann Jones b: Abt. 1680 m: 1700
2. Francis Slaughter b: 1701 in Essex Co, Virginia d: 1765 in Culpeper, Orange, Virginia +Ann Lightfoot b: 22 Sep 1708 in Spotsylvania Co., VA m: 03 Jun 1729 in Spotsylvania, Virginia d: 1784 in Culpeper Co VA
3. Francis Slaughter, Jr b: 1730 in Culpeper, Orange, Virginia d: 1805 in Elizabethtown, Kentucky +Sarah Coleman d: 1793 in Culpeper, Orange, Virginia
4. Robert Coleman Slaughter b: 27 Jun 1776 in Culpepper, Orange, Virginia d: 23 Dec 1855 +Nancy Hynes b: 21 Mar 1778 m: 21 Dec 1797 d: 05 Nov 1840
5. Robert Coleman Slaughter b: 14 Mar 1819 in Elizabethtown, Hardin Co., KY d: 08 Jan 1901 Pasadena, LA, CA + Lucy Frances Posey m: 05 Jan 1845 + Theodora Hazen Capellar b: 02 Apr 1824 in West Hartford, Vermont m: 03 Nov 1852 d: 28 Mar 1891 in Pasadena, Los Angeles, CA
6. Herbert Jerome Slaughter b: 24 Feb 1856 in Newburgh, Indiana d: 04 Oct 1923 in Glendale, LA, CA + Alma Elizabeth Reynolds b: 04 Jan 1859 in Rock Island, Illinois m: 22 Jun 1886 in Atlantic, Cass, Iowa d: 27Aug 1925 in Anaheim, Los Angeles, California
7. Robert Coleman Slaughter b. 23 Sept 1888 in Pasadena, Los Angeles, Californis d: 28 Aug 1956 in Los Angeles, Los Angeles, California + Maude Lillian Tanner b: 08 Jan 1888 in Nashville, Tennessee m: 16 Jul 1910 in Los Angeles, LA CA d: 25 Oct 1972 in Los Angeles, Los Angeles, California
8. Robert Coleman Slaughter, Jr born 6 Aug 1911 in Los Angeles, Calif. died 3 May 2003 in Martinez, Contra Costa County, Calif.

KIT 23611 contact: e-mail:
descended from:
1. Francis Slaughter and Elizabeth his wife
2. Francis Slaughter and Margaret his wife
3. Robert Slaughter and Frances Ann Jones daughter of Cadwallader Jones and Katherine his wife.
4. Francis Slaughter Born: ca 1701 in VA died in 1765 in Culpepper County, VA Married: 3 June 1729 in Spotsylvania County, VA to Ann Lightfoot born 22 September 1708 in Essex County, Virginia and died ca 1784
5. Reuben Slaughter Born: 1733 in VA He died ca 1818 in Kanawha County, VA Married 26 January 1759 in VA to Ann Poindexter
6. Robert Lewis (Robin) Slaughter Born: 25 April 1779 in VA died 29 April 1833 in Kanawha County, VA Married 25 October 1803 in Amherst County, VA to Mary Elizabeth Gilliam born ca 1782 in VA and died in 1861 in Callaway County, Missouri
7. Joseph Lightfoot Slaughter Born: 2 March 1824 in Kanawha County, VA (now West VA) He died in California when living with his brother Fenton Eurice Mercer Slaughter in Chula, San Bernardino County, California sometime between 1890 and 1900. Married: 16 September 1860 in Callaway County, MO to Delilah Jane Artman born in January 1839 in Randolph County, MO, Died after 1910 in MO
8. Edward Slaughter Born: 15 September 1881 in Callaway County, MO He died 1 November 1957 in Columbia, Boone County, MO Married: 15 November 1913 in Columbia, Boone County, MO to Susie Edna Palmer born: 7 February 1898 in Boone County, MO, Died: 2 January 1967 in Columbia, Boone County, MO
9. Kenneth Lee Roy Slaughter Born: 20 December 1918 in Kansas City, Wyandotte County, Kansas He died: 20 October 1991 in Boone County, Missouri Married: 4 December 1945 in Fayette, Howard County, MO to Cathleen (Catherline) Jenkins born: 5 December 1921 in Saverton, Ralls County, MO

Kit # N41402 contact e-mail: Jim Slaughter
descended from:
1. Other than the recent National Geographic Genome Project's DNA testing results, I have no evidence/ information on the parents (or the forefathers) of my paternal great-grandfather, Atticus Slaughter.
2. My paternal great-grandfather, Atticus Slaughter was recorded in the USA 1880 census as having come from Lawrence County, Mississippi, and had moved to Ladonia, Texas. After marrying Flora Diane Barnes on April 7, 1878, he taught school in Ladonia County, Texas, near Caddo Mills. (Flora was born in Travis County, TX, on August 9, 1861, and died on August 18, 1923.) Atticus died in July, 1886, when his son William Curtis Slaughter, my paternal grandfather, was six years old.
3. William Curtis Slaughter, my paternal grandfather, was born on June 8, 1880, in Ladonia, TX (Fannin County). William's father was Atticus Slaughter; mother was Flora Diane Barnes. William married Maybelle Penick on August 12, 1908 in Justin, TX. Maybelle Penick was born on May 21, 1887 in Stony, TX (Wise County). William & Maybelle had three children, Eugene Edward Slaughter, my father, (born June 9, 1909), Clorienne, & Charles William (born August 30, 1919). Willaim Curtis died on August 17, 1940; Maybelle died on March 8, 1952. Both William Curtis & Maybelle are interred in Highland Cemetary in Durant, Oklahoma.

Kit # N88950    Contact:  Steve Johnson   e-mail: 
Although there is not a surname match, the results from DNA testing suggests a link with the Slaughter lineage.  I have no information on the heritage of my parental great-grandfather George Johnson.
descended from:
1.  George Johnson b. UKN m. 23 Dec 1851 Butler Co., OH Beulah Pierson b. 5 Aug 1831 NJ d. 16 Jul 1905 NE.  George disappeared from Fairhaven, Preble Co., OH sometime between 1855-1857.  He had apparently taken a load of wheat into town and was returning with a rather large sum of money.  The horse and cart returned home without George.  Searches were unsuccessful and it was assumed he was robbed and murdered.  George and Beulah had 2 children:  Elizabeth Rebecca Johnson b. 29 Oct 1852, Preble Co., OH d. 24 Nov 1947 Colorado Springs, CO and Dair Thompson Johnson.
2.  Dair Thompson Johnson b. 21 Jan 1855 in Fairhaven, Preble Co., OH d. 24 Dec 1924 in Weld Co., CO m. 26 Dec 1893 in Chicago, Cook Co., IL Luella G. Pangborn b. 27 Mar 1869 Freeport, Stephenson Co., IL d. 10 July 1957 Brighton, Adams Co., CO.  Dair and Luella had 2 children:  Audrey Alpha Johnson b. 10 Oct 1895 Chicago, Cook Co., IL d. 8 Mar 1985 Mt. Vernon, Jefferson Co., IL and Roscoe Pangborn Johnson.
3.  Roscoe Pangborn Johnson (my father) b. 4 Apr 1898 Chicago, Cook Co., IL d. 10 Jan 1957 Denver, Denver Co., CO m. 1st Marion Eaton 1896-1953; m. 2nd Georgine Esther Thimmig b. 30 May 1913 Wellington, Larimer Co., CO d. 2 Dec 2005 Brighton, Adams Co., CO
4.   DNA Test Participant

Kit 360797 contact email: Erick Slaughter
descended from:
1. John Slaughter born about 1604 in Gloucester, England, sailed to Virginia aboard the ship "George" in 1617. Died in Rappahannock Co, VA.  Married Anne.
2. Francis Slaughter born 1630.  Married Elizabeth Underwood born 1632
3. Francis Slaughter born 1653.  Married Margaret Hudson
4. Robert Slaughter born 1680.  Married Frances Anne Jones
5. Francis Slaughter born 1701.  Married Anne Lightfoot born 1708
6. John H. Slaughter born 1731. Married Mildred Coleman born 1735
        John had a second wife Elizabeth Suggett born 1740.
7. Francis Lightfoot Slaughter born 1756.  Married Fanny Latham on 26 May 1795
        Francis had a second wife named Dolly
8. Elias Slaughter, Sr. born 1795.  Married Dorothy Warble on 10 Dec 1814

Kit # 311659 contact  Debra (Slaughter) Erickson
descended from:
1.  Francis M Slaughter b. unknown and Eliz Broon b. unknown
2.  Francis Marion Slaughter b. abt 1847 Jackson Co. Illinois; married 2 June 1879  in Union Co. Illinois to marilda Evaline Pitts b. 1855 in Franklin Co. Tennessee
3.  James Everett Slaughter b. 16 October 1885 in Jonesboro, Union Co. Illinois; died 13 October 1941 in Chaffee, Missouri
4.Donald James Slaughter b. 9 May 1927 in Chaffee, Missouri; died  8 March 2004 in Dundee, Oregon
5.  Dna test participant


KIT 25988 contact email: Jan Brown or H. Leon Slaughter
DNA participant descended from:
1. John Slaughter (@1760-1812) m. Sarah (unknown), who may have been his second wife. John was from New Kent Co., VA, and served as a sergeant in the Illinois Regiment during the Revolutionary War. He settled in Greene Co., TN, @ 1782-97; Lincoln/Knox Co., KY, 1799-1809; Madison Co., Mississippi Territory (AL), 1810-1812 and died there.
2. Samuel Slaughter b. 1802, m. Elizabeth Wilder, Madison Co., AL, 1820 died 1842 TN; this family migrated to Harrison Co., then Van Zandt Co., TX.
3. John Rufus Slaughter married to Amanda.
4. Leslie Edward Slaughter married to Martha.

KIT 48705 Contact:
descended from:
John Rufus Slaughter
Rufus Slaughter
Jack Ervin Slaughter; b.11-28-1913, Van Zandt Co., TX; d.2002, Dallas, TX


Kit 10418 Contact: Billie Bain
descended from:
1. Edward Slaughter b ca 1695 d. ca 1740
2. William Slaughter b. ca 1730 Prince George Co.
3. Walter Slaughter b. b ca 1755 d. aft 1826 Lunenberg Co. VA Married Susannah Webb
4. William Webb Slaughter b. 1786 Orange Co. NC d. Apr 1850 MARRIED NANCY MOORE
5. Samuel Moore Slaughter, b. May 1818 LAWRENCE, MISSISSIPPI d. May 1902
6. John Morgan Slaughter, b. Feb 1864 MASON COUNTY, TEXAS d. Feb 1935
7. William Moore Slaughter b. Oct 1887 d. Apr 1985

Kit 82672 Contact e-mail: NORMANSLAUGHTER@AOL.COM Norman Slaughter
descended from:
William Slaughter B 1730 D 1762
Walter Slaughter B 1755 D 1826
Richard Slaughter B 1781 D 1856
John Slaughter B 1800 D 1870
"Jack" Reuben Slaughter B 1846 D 1894
William Elijah Slaughter B 1885 D 1969
"Willie" Alvin Thomas Slaughter B 1909 D 1985 "Al"


Kit 53961 Contact e-mail: James Slaughter
descended from:
John Woodson Slaughter, Gr. Gr. Grandfather, DOB 2-5-1813, Sullivan Co. Tenn. DOD abt 1890 Christian Co. Ill. Supposedly, the Slaughters of Sullivan Co. came from near Oxford, Granville Co, North Carolina, where they had changed the spelling of their name from Schlotterer. Before emigrating to North Carolina they lived in the Germantown area of Philadelphia. In September 1749 two brothers named Jacob and Martin Schlotterer arrived in the Philadelphia area on a ship called the Chesterfield. It appears to me, they had come to America from Bodelshausen, Wertemburg Germany
John Thomas Slaughter, Gr. Grandfather, DOB 3-29-1846, Illinois, DOD 2-9-1840, Vermillion Co., Ill.
John Henry Slaughter, Grandfather, DOB 8-9-1874, Illinois, DOD Abt 1963
Thomas K Slaugther, Father, DOB 8-30-1907, Christian co. Ill., DOD 3-27-1969 Macon co. Ill

KIT 81959 Contact e-mail: Herbert Slaughter
descended from:
Hans (or Hanns) Schlotter, b: c.1568,Hopfau, d.?
Conrad Schlotter, b. Feb. 24, 1604, d.?
Conrad Schlotter, b. March 4, 1643, d.?
Behrnhardt Schlotterer, b. May 16, 1671, d. ?
Jacob Schlotterer, b. Oct. 12, 1693, d. ?
Jacob Schlotterer, b. July 25, 1732, Bodelshausen, Wurtemberg, Germany, d. 1824.
Jacob Slaughter,( Jr)., b. 1767, Oxford, Granville County, NC, d. August 29, 1821.
Abraham Slaughter, b. 1790, Sullivan County, TN, d. ?
William Slaughter, b. 1812, Sullivan County, TN, d. 1907.
Dock Jefferson Slaughter, b. August 4, 1857, Monroe County, KY, d. November 14, 1922.
William H. Slaughter, b. March 29, 1892, Glasgow, KY, d. Feb. 7, 1963.
Charles Herbert Slaughter; b. October 5, 1914, Hodgensville, KY, d. May 1, 1962.

KIT 266093 Contact e-mail: Pat Fannin
descended from:
William Slaughter b. circa 1800 Tennessee d. Unknown m. Harriet Sacker b. 1806-1812 d. 25 Oct.,1894
Martin Slaughter b. 10 Aug., 1837 Tn.   d. 7 June, 1916 Ironton, Oh.   m. Malinda Prichard Slaughter
James Riley Slaughter b. 20 May, 1867 Ironton, Oh.   d. 1 July, 1933 Ironton, Oh.   m. Lula Miller
Harry Slaughter, Sr. b. 28 Sept. 1897 Ironton, Oh.   d. 20 June, 1975 Ironton, Ohio   m. Della Imes
Harry Slaughter, Jr. b. 1 May, 1922 Ironton, Oh.   d. 6 Oct., 2006 Scioto Co., Oh.   m. Mildred Ritter
Living Slaughter


KIT 13176 contact email:
Descended from:
1. Cornelius Benjamin Slaughter; b. April 19, 1824, Culpepper or Winchester, VA; d. Nov. 24, 1900 Wyoming; m. Alice Hammond 1853.
2. Theodore Slaughter: b. Nov. 1874 in Brookfield, MO; d. Feb., 1938; m. Isabella Ervin, 1900.
3. George Slaughter: b. Jan. 1905 in Wyoming; d. 1975, CA; m. Margaret Conte, 1934.
4. Martin Slaughter

Kit 124226 No Pedigree


Kit Number: 58419 contact e-mail: Dorothy Lewis
DNA participant descended from:
1. Monroe Slaughter b. abt 1821, AL d. 1890. (date of death found in list of Masonic Deaths.) burial site is unknown, thought to be Campground Cemetery, Calhoun Co., AR married Tabitha Ann Mallard in Fayette Co., TN 1841
2. Samuel M. Slaughter b. May 1857, Calhoun Co., AR m. Julia A.F. Robertson Oct 18, 1882 in Bradley Co., AR b. Jersey, Bradley Co., AR she died, buried Shady Grove Cemetery, Jersey, Bradley Co., AR
3. Jesse Francis Slaughter b. April 13, 1883, Bradley Co., AR d. Dec. 18, 1960 m. Louaddie Mulligan 1909, in Union Co.,AR (both were living in Calhoun co., at that time.) b. Shady Grove Cemetery, Jersey, Bradley Co., AR
4. Marion T. Slaughter, b. Dec. 21, 1921, Bradley Co., AR buried Ringgold, GA.

Kit #187155 Contact: Bobby Slaughter, email:
Monroe Slaughter b. 1821 d. 1890
William Henry Slaughter
Dock Wilson Slaughter
Bobby Slaughter
Father of DNA Participant Living
DNA Participant


Kit #37547 Contact: e-mail: (Candace Gregory)
DNA Participant descended from:
William Ransom Slaughter (great,great grandfather) and brother of Samuel Moore Slaughter
Lee David Slaughter (great grandfather)
Carl Clinton Slaughter (grandfather)
Richard D. Slaughter, Sr. (father)

Kit 124226


252019   Contact:  James Slater,    E-mail:
Descended from
Richard E. Slater ( b. 11/1867, England/Ireland; 7/2/1932) married to Margaret Roche (b. 3/1872, Ireland; d. ?)
Richard E. Slater (b. 7/1897, Baltimore, MD; d. 9/1960) married to Mary Madeline Brown (b. 3/1902; d. 9/25/1954), descended from
James Edward Slater, Sr. (b. 2/2/1923, Baltimore, MD; d. 6/29/1996) married to Marion Viola Thompson (b. 4/5/1925; d. 2/82006), descended from
DNA Participant 

280147   Contact:  James Slaughter       email:
descended from:
John Isaac Slaughter b:1/1/1820 in NC, d:9/19/1894 Washington county VA
+Allice b:1820 d:9/27/1898 Washington county VA
Alfred L Slaughter B:1870
+Louisa Grace Pettyjohn b:1876 Lynchburg VA
John Washington Slaughter b: 4/21/1896 Radford VA d:4/23/1944 Roanoke VA
+Vera Hunter b:6/4/1896 Micaville NC d:8/1/1986 Roanoke VA
James Walker Slaughter b:5/13/1928 Bristol TN d:9/2/1999 Central SC
+Virginia Riggins b:9/13/1929 Central SC
DNA Participant


KIT 17032 contact e-mail:
I can trace my Slaughter back to Cottageville, Jackson Co, WV (Randolph Co, VA)
1. Abraham Slaughter  b: 05 Jan 1797 in Virginia d: 25 Mar 1888 in Cottageville, Jackson Co, WV +Delilah Bibbee  b: 28 Sep 1811 in , Mason Co., WV m: 12 Mar 1832 in Cottageville, Jackson Co, WV  d: 25 Dec 1898 in , Jackson Co, WV
2. John M. Slaughter  b: 12 Mar 1839 in Cottageville, Jackson Co, W. Virginia d: 25 Nov 1892 in ,Kingman Co, Kansas +Mary Ann Avery  b: 06 Oct 1843 in Smthland, Livingston Co, KY m: 03 Feb 1859 in ?, Jackson Co, WV d: 15 Dec 1912 in Gibbon, Grant Co, OK
3. Abraham Slaughter  b: 18 Mar 1861 in Cottageville, Jackson Co, WV  d: 19 Mar 1942 in Anthony, Harper Co, Kansas +Minnie Cornelia Parson b: 27 Sep 1868 in, IA m: 17 Oct 1886 in , Kingman Co, KS  d: 28 Nov 1939 in Manchester, Grant Co, OK
4. Floyd Emmit Slaughter  b: 27 Dec 1887 in Kingman, Kingman Co, KS  d: 09 Nov 1940 in Perryton, Ochiltree, TX +Harriet 'Hattie' Elizabeth Pitzer b: 07 Oct 1890 in Spivey, Kingman Co, KS m: 06 Jan 1909 in Wakita, Grant Co, OK  d: 15 Nov 1951 in Wakita, Grant Co, OK
5. William Donald Slaughter b: 05 Jul 1911 in Gibbon, Grant Co, OK  d: 26 Feb 1989 in Wakita, Grant Co, OK +Norma Otilla Meinecke  b: 19 Mar 1919 in Herkimer, Marshall Co, Kansas Not m: Abt. 1938 in Enid, Garfield Co, OK
6. Kenneth Eugene Slaughter Herrmann

Kit Number: 33466 contact email: Fay Slaughter Burt
descended from:
1. Henry Slaughter died or moved 1869-1872. Married to Elizabeth Clay.
2. John Franklin Slaughter b. ca 1869-72 d. April 18, 1946 in Cherokee County, AL. He married Faither Smith Jan 31, 1888 in Polk County, GA., daughter of George Smith and Catherine Peek. She was born Dec. 5, 1983 Cherokee County, AL, d. May 13, 1929 in Polk County, Cedartown, GA.
3. Albert Slaughter, b. 10/18/1892 Cherokee County, AL, d. 3/9/1954, Married (1) Emily Vernie Collins ca 1912, (2) Eunavista Reid, (3) Rener Lorrens
4. Clarence Slaughter b. 8/11/1914 d. 5/8/1987 in Anniston, Calhoun County, AL. married Ruby Mae Crawford on 7/3/1946 in Buchanan, GA. She was daughter of Henry P. Crawford and Minnie O. Martin.


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