Schrock-Schrag-Schrack Family Research Project - News

Good news! I've finally gotten in touch with a Schrag genealogist from Switzerland, and I hope he will help us make more contacts there, so that eventually the various Schrag branches in Switzerland can be tested. Most of the Schrocks and Schrags in America are from Wynigen in Canton Berne, Switzerland. Will we match the Schrags from Cantons Lucerne and Zürich? Already this friend is helping to sort out the early branches of our family tree. Anyone interested, please get in touch. We currently have participants who represent two of the main branches of Schrocks in America. Kit #N8644 is descended from Hans (John) Schrag (Schrock), who arrived in 1766 from Alsace. His 12 marker results show a perfect match with #9856 and #30740, who are descended from Ulrich, demonstrating that Hans and Ulrich were indeed closely related! The tradition tells us that they were brothers. We really need people from ALL the branches of the Schrocks, Schrags, and Schracks to join the project!