We have a new website. Click Here We will be able to present more STINNETT History there. And we urge anyone with a STINNETT website to submit your URL to be listed on our Stinnett DNA Project website. Our first George Stinnett* descendant's results are in! He is an R1b, a Northwestern European haplogroup. His closest genetic matches occur in England, Scotland, Ireland and Germany. it is interesting to note that he matched a number of Calverts and Colberts believed to descend from the "Lord Calvert" line at 37 markers! Added to the fact that our Stinnetts had a presence in Maryland since the mid 1600's and in Calvert county very early on, this is an intriguing piece of information. We really appreciate the Calvert DNA Project paying for his upgrade!!!
We now have three more participants matching this line. We need to test many more participants and upgrade the ones we have. *George Stinnett, son of Joel Martin and Francis "Fanny" Stinnett. An mtDNA test of a female descendant of Nancy Jane Vickers Stinnett (George's wife) has been fully funded by the participant and the results are in!!!!! See below. The donated funds originally intended for this test are no longer needed and were applied to an upgrade of Y participant N3535. The results are in and the Calvert match has held up to 37 markers. Nancy Jane Vickers Stinnett's mtDNA haplogroup has been revealed to be the mysterious X!!!!! We will report back when we know more about this intriguing result. We need to have a sufficient amount in the General Fund in order to fund upcoming projects. So donations are very much appreciated! You can donate by check, Credit Card, or PayPal. And we suggest a $10.00 limit at any one time. We don't want this to be a burden on anybody. Click on "Contribute to the Surname Project General Fund" on the left or go here. Don't think your $5.00 or $10.00 donation does not help. It does! If 16 people donated $10.00, we could proceed immediately to possibly solve a very important key piece of STINNETT history.